Friday, April 18, 2014

"DC finally doing justice with The Suicide Squad"

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The last comment left on the previous posting seemed like a good title for today's posting although really I won't know for sure until I see this movie in full. But A big thanks to everyone who gave me a heads up on this. I've really enjoyed many of DC's animated movies even though I don't like what DC has in print these days let's hope this is the latest good one. We've had snippets of Suicide Squad related stuff in previous DC movies but this is the first full on appearance as far as I know and although I'm not a big Arrow fan all this new Squad stuff we've been seeing is a clear indication that Task Force X is making some bigger inroads in not just DC but to the general public as well.
Needless to say there's a number of other Squad favorites that I would like to see here but if the writing is good this could still work out well. As soon as I can find a copy I'll no doubt post a review. Rather at a Big Box store or like a used record/DVD/CD store I've always been able to get these movies for between $10 - $15 but I'm willing to pay a little more for this one just to find out if it's any good. Again thanks for the heads up on this let me return the favor by sharing something Suicide Squad related that's kinda cool too