Monday, July 24, 2017

Enter The Tiger

By artist Craig Cermak
I like this, Bronze Tiger has almost a Bruce Lee kinda vibe going on here.

Gal Gadot at Justice League panel with Wonder Woman cosplay fan

Just a heads up, there's a ton of 2017 Comic-Con videos containing panels of just about every up coming sci-fi/comic book movie and TV series both on cable and NetFlix this year. It's astonishing how many big time A list celebrities are at this event in San Diego now. Back when I went in 1994 it was pretty big but nothing like it is now. A Hell of a lot easier and cheaper to get into back then as well, now it's almost like you gotta know somebody on the inside in order to get into the con.

By the way have I ever mentioned here how much I fucken hate donald trump? Big thanks to Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool which is where I found this funny ass cartoon . . .

Saturday, July 1, 2017

Entertainment Weekly Magazine presents The Ultimate Wonder Woman Guide

I picked this up a couple of days ago at a local super market. It's pretty cool not only does it have a bunch of great stuff in regards to the production and cast of the Wonder Woman movie it also in general covers the history and evolution of the character in a very comprehensive and detailed way. The guide goes all the way back to the guy who came up with the Wonder Woman character (also the inventor of the polygraph) to the classic Linda Carter TV series, Wonder Woman's countless appearances in multiple forms of media over the years, her impact on pop culture and even the upcoming Justice League movie.

The back cover has some pretty sweet art work at first I thought it was John Byrne but it turns out I was mistaken. It was done by Jose Luise Garcia according to some research done by fellow blogger Dale Bagwell

A fun photo spread with Gal Gadot, Chris Pine, Connie Nielsen and director Jenny Jenkins

You'll find a lot of nostalgia in this issue along with at least a few other things even some of the more hard core Wonder Woman fans out there might be surprised to see.

One other thing, my wife loves charm bracelets and started busting my balls for a Wonder Woman one ever since we saw the movie.

One of the most bad ass scenes ever in a comic book based movie