Thursday, December 15, 2011

Suicide Squad #4 Review: Hail Kobra! . .er I mean Basilisk

Summery: The Squad breaks into the lab facility run by Basilisk (known as Kobra in the former DC Universe) that created the techno virus they battled in issue # 2 in the hopes of capturing the lead scientist. After killing a bunch of guards on the way in the eventually find their target but are later confronted the one who's running the show there, Grey Lora. She goes from a good looking black woman with dreads to something that looks more dangerous to your genitals then Lorena Bobbit with a knife when Deadshot mentions the name Wong Fon Shay. I don't know who that is but apparently Fon Shay was someone of some importance to Basilisk who was killed for a contract job by Captain Boomerang. And that brings us to the other part of the mission because in exchange for free passage out of the facility they turn over Boomerang who tries to detonate their implant bombs out of anger. The only problem is that the detonator he has is bogus and Deadshot shoots him in the hand for good measure.
During the mission the idle chat between the team members reveals to Harley Quinn that The Joker was killed as was strongly implied in Detective Comics #1. Although she doesn't freak out in an outward sense you can tell she doesn't take the news well and it's obvious the wheels in her head start turning. After the team returns to Belle Reve Waller has some words with Deadshot who is getting impatient about having his implant deactivated now that the mission is over. With only 18 minute left before their bombs go off Belle Reve goes to Hell as a full blown prison riot breaks out and Waller puts the team on the job of quelling it before their time is up.

My thoughts: This month we had another solid issue. No shortage of antagonistic quips and in fighting between the characters along with a couple surprises which means business as usual for a typical Suicide Squad mission. Although on a downside based on what happened in this issue it sure doesn't look like Boomerang is gonna be a regular on The Squad but let's see how things play out in future issues. I gotta imaging Harley is somehow responsible for the prison riot which tells me her tenure with The Squad may be coming to an end soon unfortunately. Although no doubt Harley Quinn fanatics all over the world will no doubt rejoice over that. And back on the upside Yo-Yo looks like a promising edition to the team and Diablo is quickly becoming a favorite of mine you can't help but like the guy. I've been happy with the art in the series so far but in this issue they really hit it out of the park especially with some of the face close ups. For more preview clip art from the issue:


  1. Okay.
    Now I'm mourning :(
    I hope he doesn't die.

  2. Yeah darling! LOL!
    Don't want to scare you :)

  3. at first maybe you might have meant Diablo but i came to my sense and remembered how much you love good ol Digger. i'm sure they won't kill him off but i'm really curious what the writers will do with him next. by the way rumor has it in the next issue or two Deadshot fans are gonna be in for a shock.

  4. He is probably going to be all cyborgy. On acount of being infected with the virus. He didn't take his helmet during the whole of issue 4.
    I hope they won't kill Digger. I'm thinking those guy might use him for energy. He still has the black lantern boomerangs here. And because of his talk about being a super, I'm thinking maybe here he always had this power.

  5. Deadshot will be pithy, and Digger will be back - just like Arnold in drag but with a different accent.

    Spot on review Dave

  6. I'm actually one Harley fan that's really hoping that she stays on the squad. From what I got from Pat McCallum's bit, it looks like she's planned to be a regular in the series.

    1. welcome to my blog Daina i'm sorry i didn't see your comment sooner otherwise i would have replied right away. as irony would have it my most recent posting which is a review of #5 pretty much addresses your comment.