Sunday, September 23, 2012

Owen Mercer The Ladie's Man

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Here's a memorable moment from the Checkmate and Outsiders cross over saga known as Check Out. I've been able to find most of the single issues for the entire story arc in $1 bins but I'm still missing two. The basic premise is that Checkmate "recruits" several metas for a mission on Oolong Island which is used as a base of operations by the Chinese government for all kinds of crazy shit. That's Owen Mercer (Capt. Boomerang 2) there along with his roving hand which happens to be on the ass of the Black Queen's knight Josephine Tautin "Mademoiselle Marie". Notice that's not the usual costume he's wearing? As far as I know it was just for this cross over story which is too bad. I've never minded the costume he had through out his career in the old DCU but that one he has there is pretty slick  I kinda wish they had stuck with it.

 I absolutely love this splash page! It's drawn so damn well in every respect. The only thing that's missing is having Batman face down in a puddle of his own puke. Aside from disrupting a person's equilibrium Vertigo can also use his power to induce sudden bouts of extreme nausea. I can hardly contain myself when I think of all the douche bags out there I would love to use that power on! Another interesting little factoid about his power is that he can scramble the guidance systems missiles and rockets. How about that Vertigo huh? Actually that's Count Vertigo to you peasant!

Mullet alert!!!
A few days ago I found DC Showcase #11 in a $1 bin. Now if you recall I was interested in it because it featured a team up with Deadshot & Peacemaker against Kobra. But some previews of a few of the pages I found online didn't look to promising as far as the art and story went :   WOW was I ever right what a piece of shit this issue was. I should have given that dollar to a homeless person or something. It featured 3 different stories and they all ranged from lame to uninteresting. As if all that wasn't bad enough what the fuck was up with Nightwing's hair!? He was sporting this mullet that was something between a San Francisco bull dyke and an inbred redneck from Tennessee.

Well I'm happy to say Nightwing is not sporting a mullet on Young Justice and that indeed we do have new episodes to start looking forward to next weekend. In the mean time you might want to check out these links with some behind the scenes YJ chat at this year's Comic-Con along with some previews to this up coming season's episodes.


  1. Owen was very fun, and was usualy luckier than Harkness when it came to making a pass at a woman. In the case of Mademoiselle Marie, the only time she seemed interested in him, was when she wanted to capture him for this mission. The Outsiders were not exactly volunteers there. The costume was a standard Checkmate suit.
    Vertigo's splash image is amazing. I would love to see him in a movie.

  2. I really dug Owen in the role of C.B and especially in The Outsiders. He was really trucking along nicely when he suddenly went out of character in Blackest Night. Oh well that's DC it seems.

    Love your honesty on the Nightwing review mr. As always great post.

  3. Again, hor-aay that YJ is coming back next week! I guess all will soon be well on the cartoon front:)

    But it is a shame what DC did with Owen though. Johns, and other writers seems to flesh him out to such a good extent, that he could have stayed on and really been a young and fun version of Captain Boomerang, w/o becoming like his father. But then BL happened, as like Dan said, he was suddenly written out of character because someone in editorial all of sudden decided they wanted the original back. Just absolutely horrible what they did to Owen. I guess he served his purpose at the time, and then wasn't needed anymore. Just Bullshit.

    Greg Rucka is right about the current stance of both companies, and it won't be until they start to give a damn about real quality in their books, and not their own twisted definition of quality, that we'll see good books put out by competent creators instead of corporate yes-men.

    Alright, rant over:(

  4. Aliera, i bet they could do a really cool effect for Vertigo's powers with today's special effect.

    my honesty is part of my "charm".

    that's alright Dale that's what my blog is here for lately so that people can rant about new comics. yeah i liked Owen a lot too he was one of those characters that endeared themselves to the reader easily. and my next posting will give you even more of an outlet.

  5. It's funny, because I'm such a nice guy outside of those rants though. And I can prove it, just by going to my blog, where I brings the funny!

  6. Also, I've been reading the Almost Hidden section column over @, and the guy there covered the issues of the old SS when the team went to Apokolips. I know you might have already covered it, but here's the link to the article.
    Thought you might enjoy it and the many picture they showcase.

    1. well of course i have that whole story arc and indeed it's a classic. i think i saw that CBR article before but thanks anyways.

  7. I always hated the Nightwing Mullet. He had that during a brief stint in the Titans too, and I think the bad art ran over into the writing at that point.

    I completely agree with everything everyone else has said about Boomerang Jr. Moreover, I think it would have been much more interesting to have him alive along with pops. But apparently that's a much more difficult concept than they could grasp.

    Or they were just going for the cheap thrill of a quick kill.

  8. Yeah, Owen was a good character until they messed him up trying to make him a silly version of his Dad. But we all know how they do. They are all Shelias if you ask me.