Friday, November 9, 2012

Vixen, so damn hot!

It's not like a blogger needs a good reason to post some nice fan art of Vixen. Now we all know Vixen was with the Suicide Squad for quite some time and had a long running "association" with Bronze Tiger for quite a while too. But I'm also hoping some of you haven't seen some of this art work I'm featuring here today.
Any thoughts who you'd want to see play Vixen if they ever made a live action movie with the character? I've heard Halle Berry's name being dropped and although she looks the part well I kinda can't shake that tragic Catwoman movie from some years back. On the other hand I'm kind thinking the tennis star Serena Williams would look insanely hot as Vixen. If you're not sure what she looks like Google her now. I really dig women with curves and some muscle on their frame. Just so damn hot!

By Shelton Bryant


  1. Who did this cover? Just thinking the crew could get back together is exciting motivation. And oh my....cos play in the bedroom, ain't this just what you want (don't lie)?

    Rosario Dawson is what you want as Vixen, sexy and tough with a smile that can beat you at the first glance. Just imagine that xxxooo

  2. I was going to say Rosario Dawson, but I see was beat to it. I can't really think of anyone else. I think Halle Barry is just too...girlie. And besides Catwoman, I've never gotten over her being just a little lackluster as Storm. Yeah. I said it. lackluster. Not horrible. Just meh.

    1. Angela Basset could have been a great Storm or Vixen.

    2. Could have been. But not now. I think she's a bit old for both parts. Unless we get a DeLorean and ramp it up to 88.

    3. And your right,it was a lack luster performance that was as bad as the part was written. Glad you said it, it's all true.

    4. I speak only truth. :) And the occasional gibberish. But that's usually because my mouth is full of twizzlers and diet coke.

  3. I'm sure Omega saw this had a stroke like Fred Sandford, and lost his damn mind:)

    This is pretty damn good art right here, with that awesome shading filling and bringing out the depths and contours of the curves and muscle tone. Nice.

    Rosario gets my vote too, but no Halle Berry. Sorry folks, I think she's a little too old. Sad but true:(

  4. is anyone out there as horny as i am right now?

  5. LOL! I agree with everyone.
    yeap, that's me Agreeing Girl.
    Maybe Vixen could cameo on Arrow?