Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Millennium Week 4 with The Suicide Squad

Any of you remember the late 80s DC 12 issue maxi-series Millennium? It was similar to Marvel's Secret Wars II in which it was it's own title but also crossed over into just about every DC title at the time including Suicide Squad issue 9. So tonight I was browsing at this Millennium TPB at a discount book store after work and came across a couple pages of unknown (at least to me) clip art which is actually a prelude to Suicide Squad #9. I took a couple of pictures of this page with my iphone for your viewing pleasure.

What a pleasant surprise, a real nice way to end my day by getting to read some Ostrander era Squad stuff I previously was unaware of. On the this page the Squad is informed that their going to be transporting a bomb to the Manhunter's fortress in the Bayous. Slipknot and Boomerang initially refuse to take part in the mission upon which they are informed that not only are they going to go but also will have to wear explosive bracelets. And if you want to see how that worked out in Suicide Squad # 9 you can have a look here . . .


  1. If nothing else, those are some pretty cool page layouts. Very nice, especially that first page you showed. So you think Millennium, despite being primarily written by a former but not too former Marvel writer in Steve Englehart was meant by DC as a direct challenge/answer to SW2 or that's just how it worked out? Doesn't seem to unlikely to me that its coincidental about all those tie-ins.

    1. even back when all this stuff first came out I've always felt that Crisis on Infinite Earths (which was highly over rated) was a direct response from DC for the success of Marvel's Secret Wars. same goes for DC's Who's Who which was an even more obvious response to the success of the Marvel Universe Official Handbook series but at least that DC series was pretty good. as for Millennium and Secret Wars II it's plausible I suppose but I don't have any solid opinion on that.
      the art work in these pages isn't terrible but I don't think it's anything to write home about either. but I just like having discovered some of this old school Suicide Squad story telling especially with how it is a direct lead into Suicide Squad #9. in fact I was having a look at issue #9 last night and the first page opens up with the editorial telling the reader to pick up Millennium Week 4 before reading into #9 any further. if I ever see the Millennium Week 4 issue by it's self in a back issue box i'll probably grab it for the sake of having a more complete Suicide Squad collection.