Friday, March 4, 2016

Delivering Justice

I was at the library yesterday when I happened to come across a Batwoman TPB which included #35 which was the issue that had Ragman on the cover. I remember when I first spotted that issue during a trip to Reno over the Thanksgiving Day weekend I was initially thinking to myself this might end up being the first new comic book I end up buying for the past few years. But after giving it a quick browse it wasn't quite what I was expecting or maybe just not what I was hoping for. That's not to say it didn't have anything good in it but it turned out not to be Ragman's first appearance in the NewDCU. Nor was it a good jumping on point to start reading the story arc and it didn't turn out to be some kind of Jewish superheros themed issue which I was kinda hoping for given that both Ragman and Batwoman are Jews.
With the whole "delivering justice" theme in this clip art it seems this is a good time to remind folks that Batman vs Superman: Dawn of Justice is not only 3 weeks away. That movie just seems to look better and better with each new promo for it. The wife and I were just discussing the whole advanced tickets thing. I really wanna see it on opening weekend like we did for Deadpool but damn who wants to deal with those crowds and lines? But did you know there's actually reserved seating at some theaters that are selling advanced tickets for those who are willing to pay a bit more? Oh decisions decisions.

March 13th update:
Just found this cool rendering of the old DC Universe version of Rick Flag on Deviant Art this morning. The description under the art work is as follows . . . This is one of the Suicide Squad Illustrations that I did for the DC Films Presents-Dawn of the Justice League TV Special.

Looked into it and it can be easily found on youtube it's not bad. They have it in a five part video presentation hosted by Geoff Johns and Kevin Smith. And by the way Batman vs. Superman Dawn of Justice lees then two weeks away now.


  1. Disappointing to hear man. An arc squarely devoted to the Jewish heroes of the DCU for an international conspiracy would pretty inserting to read, if handled well. The art looked good at least.

    1. Yeah as far as the art goes I got no complaints. And in all fairness from what little reading I've done for her this version of Batwoman she seems pretty cool.