Sunday, January 16, 2011

Erica Durance: Maybe a better Plastique then Lois Lane?

Erica Durance, you probably know her as Lois Lane from Smallvile. But I bet you never thought of her as Plastique did ya? Now truth be told, Erica Durance is one of those good looking women that never did much for me. Ditto for Gwyneth Paltrow up until I saw her as Pepper Potts in Iron Man. And it wasn't just simply because she was drop dead gorgeous as a red head but because she really brought a lot of charm to the screen as her character and the chemistry between her and Robert Downey felt very real.
Erica Durance never seemed right for me as a younger Lois Lane. For one she has brown hair, as opposed to the jet black hair that the Lois Lane character should have. But just in general something about her in that role just never felt right. But as you can see she fits the bill from head to toe as Plastique in the looks department. She's got the right hair style and color and even her facial features are a pretty close match. Plastique isn't supposed to be a power house like Wonder Woman or Power Girl but I've always pictured her as having an athletic body and being a bit taller then average for most women. I guess the only question is if Durance was ever caste in that role would she be able to pull it off as an actress? I think there would be more to it then being able to do a convincing French Canadian accent.
On a side note, if you take a closer look at the clip art here you'll notice that there are two slightly different versions of Plastique's costume. I can't decide which one I like more. You've got one that has an open collar and plunging neck line verses the one that shows less skin but has an arrow between her cleavage pointing into a southern direction. I've spent a lot of time looking these over and I'm still torn! If you haven't seen it before this might be a good time to check out the first posting I did for Plastique:


  1. What's wrong with Gwyneth Paltrow? There's nothing wrong with being a pretty, elegant, blond woman.
    You should see Sliding Doors. I liked that one very much.
    As for Erica Durance, I feel the exactly same way. It's not only the hair colour, even if I missed the black too. I don't know if it is her acting or the script they gave her, but somethings off in that role. Now she really has Plastique's features.
    Might really work.

  2. There's something off about a lot of Smallville's casting. If it weren't for the frequent shots of Clark in the shower no one would watch.
    And I agree with Aliera about Gwyneth and Sliding Doors. She's perfect in that one as a blond.
    Personally I think it's a tossup with the costumes, and she should alternate. I mean, she has to do laundry, right?

  3. Big surprise, I'm with Dave here. Gwyneth did nothing for me until she started working for Mr. Stark. I thought she was overrated as an actress and just "meh" in the looks department. Pepper changed my mind though.
    I'm not a huge Smallville fan. I used to watch on occasion, but there's been a conflict in the schedule the last few years. Something I like far better is on at the same time and I can't DVR everything. I never liked her as Lois. I like the character and the actress (how can you not), but she doesn't read as Lois Lane. I'd much rather see her as Mary Jane Watson or ..... better yet, Ms Marvel in the Avengers. Quick, somebody get their Photoshop on to see if that one works

  4. everybody listen to Craig's sage like opinions. i'm quite certain Craig is a descendant of one of the 3 wise men.

  5. Lex Luthor!
    That Lex was my reason for watching Smallville.
    Show me Lex,and I'll close the shower room door on Clark any day.
    In fact, I think the only ones, who did look the part were Lex and Clark. Even if I never did dig Lex Luthor in comics.
    He's getting more interesting lately, though.

    It couldn't be just wise MEN oppinion.

  6. Me I see Elektra junior or maybe Starfire in the Titans.

    Never really watched Smallville but they did a good job of Dawson's Creeking the DCU if it's lasted this long!

  7. FYI to Aliera and anybody else who didn't know this but the actor who plays Lex on Smallville does the voice of the Flash in the Justice League cartoon. his name is Michael Rosenbaum. yeah he's a Jew.

  8. I didn't know his religion, but knew his name.
    Didn't wanted to look too much the fan.
    And I really love his voice.

  9. Starfire, good call Dan. She's definitely got the look down for her.

    Sorry ladies, the positions of all three wise men have now been filled. Thank you for applying though, and if a position becomes available we hope you will submit your resume again.

  10. I'll be looking for it CDerosby

  11. Aliera...sorry, I'm slacking. Work got busy toward the end of the week. Photoshop is warmed up and you will see Ms Marvel shortly.

    Dave, keep checking your email. It'll be on it's way in a day or so.