Saturday, August 18, 2012

DC Showcase: Deadshot & Peacemaker take on Kobra

Thanks to a fella who left some comments I just discovered on my part 4 of the Impel DC trading cards posting series I learned about a DC Showcase issue that has Deadshot and Peacemaker teaming (with others) to take on Kobra in what was described as kinda of a Janus Directive sequel. I love the idea so I did a little research online and found some previews of it. Truth be told it really didn't look all that great but should I happen to find this in a $1 bin some day it would probably be worth picking up. To preview the first few pages go here:

here I'm just having some more fun with photoshop and this current snake theme my this blog has taken on.
Top: PM, Black Thorn and a Checkmate knight fight Kobra Blackadders in the Janus Directive   Bottom: PM has imaginary argument with his late father who he despises because of his nazi affiliation
On the other hand this guy also left a link to a myspace page that's all about Peacemaker. It's packed with information about the character and clip art of his best moments from the old DCU. The funny thing about the Peacemaker's helmet is that sometimes it's kinda lame looking and sometimes it looks alright depending on what artist is drawing the character. That myspace page is really worth checking out you'll develop more of an appreciation of the character I promise:

I made this just because I thought it would be fun. You may notice George Cloony's name is missing. He was actually alright in this movie and probably wouldn't be a half bad Peacemaker. But my number one choice would be Thomas Jane ( The Punisher). Clive Owen would also be a good prospect. Below is just having some more fun with photoshop and this current snake theme this blog has taken on recently.


  1. Yeah I read on some blog about Peacemaker's problems with his dead Nazi father. Good stuff where he's talking to him, and his father keeps saying how he'd kill so and so differently and better than his son. Funny shit:)

    Clive Owen and Thomas Jane are solid choices for Peacemaker. Maybe Jane more, since he looks like he'd look better wearing a costume than Owen would.

    Showcase during the early 90's has some hidden jems in there. There's a funny Creeper story form '93 and then the whole Knightsend/fall cross-over issues are pretty good as well I hear.

    I'm glad its back, even if it's rooted in the stupid reboot continuity:(

    1. i was reading some shit today that makes me wish there was a real Peacemaker. this guy does have some issues but he sure knows how to get the job done when it comes to killing terrorists. but at the same time he's also serious about protecting the lives of the innocent. there's a good clip on that myspace page where he goes into a burning house to save some kids even though his "father" is scolding him for showing weakness and not putting the mission first. if DC had made a title for the reboot in which Peacemaker was on missions killing jihadis all the time i wouldn't just buy it i'd probably start a new blog for it. God how i hate those mother fuckers and their leftist enablers here. i might need to vent through some new fan art soon.

    2. I would go with Thomas Jane too, the movie was good and if George had kept that same attitude as Batman (I know it wasn't his fault) the movie would have been better.

      I like Peacemaker as a character, the helmet needed to be sent back to the lab for reconstruction though.

      The thing with these type of events like showcase, is first trying to piggy back off another success, the next is they throw a bunch of heroes on pages and try to pass it off as story. Of course this equals garbage.

      I'm going to check for this book and see what they give me.

    3. that link i provided for the preview art of that Showcase issue has the option of buying a digital version for only a buck just so you know.

  2. LOL on that Kobra Kai pic.

    @Omega, hit those dollar bins @ whatever comic shop you got. It'll be tough to weed threw the bad ones, but you never know what you'll find.

    Serpentor would say sweep the leg....this I command! Cobraaaaaa!

  3. I stumbled across this blog and want to say thank you for promoting my Peacemaker MySpace page!

    Sadly, MySpace has morphed quite a bit since I originally designed it back on 2004, and to be honest I don't think I can remember the email/password to edit or update it.

    If you're on Facebook, Paul Kupperberg is extremely cool and loves to talk about all things Checkmate and Peacemaker!

    As for the helmet, be glad DC didn't decide to go with Pat Boyette's final revamp of it:

    I always liked the "toilet bowl" helmet look. Something about someone looking so absurd and yet so deadly...