Monday, August 13, 2012

Odd discontinuities: Suicide Squad, Shadowpact, Secret Six and Secret Seven

So just yesterday I stumbled across a copy of Day of Vengeance featuring the Shadowpact in a $1 bin. This title was a the final in a 6 issue mini-series that was tied into the Infinite Crisis story arc. The issue was published in 2005. I'm not very familiar with the Black Alice character but I've surmised that she some how temporarily can steal the powers of other meta humans. But unlike with a character like the Parasite the person who has their power stolen doesn't get all messed up they're just powerless for a while.

Day of Vengeance #6 (2005)
Yet in the Blackest Night cross over story featuring the Suicide Squad and Secret Six which was published in 2010 we see this exchange going on between Nightshade and Black Alice (recently joined Secret Six) after Alice stole Nightshade's power.

Left click to enlarge
Check it out, Nightshade has no idea who Black Alice is. What the Hell? Aside from that in the Days of Vengeance issue Enchantress was Ms.Congeniality as opposed to the wicket psycho who was libel to turn on her own team mates at the drop of a floppy witch's hat (Suicide Squad late 1988-89). But I think I may have found the answer while doing a back ground check on Shade The Changing Man's Wiki page. After his last appearance in the Suicide Squad (issue# 37 1990) the character pretty much was on hiatus from the DC Universe for a while.
When DC eventually brought him back Shade was basically a . . changed man : ) That is to say DC pretty much rebooted the character. In the Ostrander series Shade joined The Squad just before Enchantress more or less exited the title ( issue# 15 1988). But Shade and Black Orchid were with the Squad at the same period for part of the time of their respective tours of duty. But I think all three of those characters must have basically gotten a "reboot" years after their last appearances in Ostrander's Suicide Squad because they all crossed paths in the Secret Seven title (2011). And as far as I know there was never any sort of Suicide Squad references made between them. If somebody who's read a lot more of  Secret Seven then I have can tell me otherwise please do share.

All other clip art from Secret Seven left click to enlarge

What single character from the Ostrander Squad and the relaunch Squad would you love to see square off against each other? I bet I know who most of you would want and that's what's coming up next!


  1. The thing with secret seven is that it is an alternate universe (The Flashpoint universe) This universe is concecuence of Barry Allen trying to change history to save his mother altering the timestream, and when he tried to fix it we got the New 52 as result (Damm you Barry Allen!!)

    1. well, i asked for someone to let me know about this who knew the Secret Seven better then i did and here we go. i knew there was a Flashpoint connection but i didn't know that the Secret Seven story line was totally in an alternate reality, thank you.

    2. Yeah, things are what they are because of Barry. And I wanted to pick up JLD I just couldn't. The art work alone is superior and they have a couple of Squad members on deck. It's just to much hocus pocus and my guy hasn't showed up in any of the books or crossovers at all.

      Flashpoint was a good idea (I think) it just seemed to vere off to the left somewhere.

  2. Yaeh I'm already used hate the New 52, but beign honest I'm enjoying more books that before the reboot.. JLD, Batman, Batman and Robin, Swamp Thing, Animal Man, Stormwatch, Supergirl, Earth 2, Batman Inc, Frankestein are all good books for me.. The problem is that I miss characters that maybe they are not going to apear never again, as Roy Harper, Cass Cain, Oracle to name a few so I gues that the pre-crisis fans must had feeled like this...

    1. i was a big fan of the Swamp Thing from the old DCU so of course i checked out the new 52 ST. the first issue was pretty good but right after that i was really not liking how the story was going and dropped it after a few issues. i miss Oracle a lot too since the Oracle character basically got started in the Suicide Squad. did you see the Oracle cosplay posting from July 24th? as for Roy Harper there's another character i really like but you can still find him in Young Justice episodes. he's one of the many things that makes that show great. come back here tomorrow i think you'll like what i post next and thanks for your comments.