Thursday, October 4, 2012

How about some Suicide Squad t-shirts already!?

Just messing around in photoshop and thinking of more things that I'd love to buy some day but will never see for sale anywhere.


  1. I do that at home when I like some print.
    The one with your drawing and the letters below is the one I like more on that project.
    There are those leafs you can print the image from you computer on it, and the, iron it on the teeshirt.

    1. i've heard of that process but i've never seen it in action. thanks for liking mine the most by the way :)

    2. Aliera has the right idea, iron on transfer from K-mart a good hanes no bacon and we got something good my friend.

      YJ tomorrow, got my popcorn ready.

    3. just saw it and as always it didn't disappoint.

  2. I'll take the first two and the last one myself. Cool ideas, and this really is something that you'd have to invent Shlomo, since as you pointed out, there's no way in hell DC would toss this big of a bone out there to its loyal fans.

    Yeah, iron-ons. Do it, and tell us how it worked.