Saturday, October 13, 2012

My vote for Amanda Waller in 2012 is in the mail

I'm so sick and tired of this presidential race which feels more like the latest lame ass "reality" show. All these fucken talking heads with their mind numbing rhetorical analysis and these stupid poles. I've never believed in any of the extreme rhetoric about Obama but by the same token I've found him to be a disappointment. That pretty much started at the beginning of 2009 when it seemed like he was making health care reform his top priority instead of getting America back to work. All this while the CEO scumbags who largely got us into this mess were jumping out of the financial disaster plane in their tax payer funded golden parachutes as it crashed in the mountain.
But I also know that there are a lot of republican neo-cons who are obsessed with bringing Obama down and have that as a higher priority then trying to do something about the suffering of every day Americans who are on hard times. Recently I had some good fortune come my way in regards to moving forward on a new career path and it had nothing to do with all the shit slinging in Washington. In short, I feel more removed from the political process then ever and I decided to make my voting ballet reflect that. By the way how did that fu@#$% $%&# cindy sheehan get on the ballot!? I've seen her at anti-U.S./pro-terror demonstrations in S.F. over the years and I can tell you she hates Obama every bit as much as the neo-cons do. But that's not why I hate her. This video my friend made from a protest we were at in S.F. earlier this year is why I hate her guts:


  1. I hear ya' man! It's why I don't vote anymore despite our brave men and women constantly fighting for that right. The way the current political scene looks, you're forced to pick the best of the worst, and that's no choice for me.

    By the way, I know how pissed you and Omega probably are over that whole DC Nation block no-show this weekend. Stupid network execs:(

    1. i just emailed you some hope you can believe in Dale.

  2. well here we are on election night and i'm pretty bummed. the Waller ticket didn't win :(