Thursday, January 1, 2015

Along came a Black Spider

I was really enjoying the mano a mano throw down between Black Spider and Batman in Assault on Arkham it's too bad it got cut short by a mis thrown boomerang by the good Captain. Have a look at the rest of The Squad files from Assault on Arkham . .  .

Speaking of DC animated films I just got done watching Justice League War on youtube I finally found an actual full movie upload as opposed to the bogus channels that just have in the title "full movie" only to find some bullshit. It wasn't as good as Assault on Arkham or Batman Year One but it was still fairly good even though the parademon/Darksied fight scenes got to be a bit tedious. Can't wait to see Throne of Atlantis it's probably gonna be the only thing from DC worth looking forward to in 2015.

I'm posting this old school fan art of the Martian Manhunter (8 1/2 X 11 oil on canvas 1996) just for the hell of it. Some retro fan art to help usher in the new year as it were : )



  1. JL:War really wasn't bad at all. I definitely agree. The lack of Aquaman there was kind of noticable, but not enough to pull me out of the story being told. And Shazam's inclusion wasn't that ouff-putting either.

    I hope Throne of Atlantis is equally solid. The animation alone looks like it will be.

    Yeah Assault on Arkham was a really good, bad-ass movie. I didn't even mind the lack of Batman thorughout the movie, but I guess that was kinda' the point on order to let the 'Squad have the spotlight.

    That fight scene was pretty damn good, with BS really holding is own with Bats. Just like he did initially in the comics.
    I love the part where he masquraded as Black Spider as well. I knew it in those scenes. reminds of me of when he did it also in an old wpisode for th Super Friends, where he dressed up as the Jack of Hearts when the league battled the Royal Flush Club.
    That's but one of many reasons why I love Batman.
    Hope you're having a good new year's so far Shlomo.

    1. well if you love Batman so much my friend you need to see Batman: Year One. hope you're having a good new year too mine was pleasant but more importantly 2014 ended on a fairly high note. as for 2015 the early half of the year is gonna be really busy for me i'm going to have to curb my time on the internet like for most people that's going to be a bit of a challenge for me : )

  2. That Martian Manhunter is probably my favourite piece I've seen you do! M&M is one of my favourite DC characters, right up there with a decent Hawkman and Adam Strange, and he looks brilliant here mate. Nice job!

    The sands of Mars are amazing.

  3. I did watch Year One, and it was pretty damn good in and of itself.
    It followed the source material pretty faithfully I thought, and the animation was very slick.

    I hear that. A job's a job though. Hope it doesn't tax you out too much.

    That piece really is amazing. Nice to see some Manhunter love out there( quiet you;)

  4. Shlomo this is nice work son. The color scheme and blending is on par. Put a price on this one.