Thursday, January 15, 2015

Suicide Squad article from 2008 BACK ISSUE magazine

BACK ISSUE magazine from TwoMorrows Publishing is a fairly recent discovery I've made only as of late last year. I love how they have old copies of their magazines easily available for free to read online. The commentary on the second page of the article was pretty funny but you can read this entire Suicide Squad article at this link  . . .


  1. I definitely got to check that out. That is pretty damn cool they offer older articles like that t be avaiable online. They really should anyways, since everything's more or less digital. I wish Wizard magazine was still around for them to do the same.

    1. there's probably not a whole lot in it you don't already know but the second page has something funny about the seemingly endless supply of boomerangs Capt. Boomerang always seem to have on his person. i just got a copy of BACK ISSUE mag. (#32) in the mail this past weekend and unless i miss my guess there's a lot more to that Suicide Squad article then you see in the digital preview.

  2. Hmmm. Does make you wonder where he gets that endless supply of 'Rangs though. Who makes them, and does he get a deal if he buys in bulk?