Saturday, November 4, 2017

Awesome classic Ragman fan art

Absolutely bad ass! This is some top notch fan art, the figure composition, the colors and even the detail in the costume. And ofcourse I love the extra added touch of Ragman tearing up a nazi flag while also sporting a Magen David (star of David) pendant. All very appropriate for our "clothe golem" Jewish avenger. And in case you were wondering, this is where I found it

Too bad we never got to see this in the old DCU it would have been epic!

November 11 Update: Saw this from Hot Wheels at a local Toys R Us and on a whim decided to grab it. It was the only one that they had and I think it must have been missed by those asshole dealers who usually show up at Toys R Us stores right before they open on the days they get their shipments and buy up all the hot items so they can then double the price at cons. I actually used to have the original one from Ertl that came out in 1989 but I always hated how they had the bat symbol painted on the roof I never understood the point of that. It's like yeah we know this is the Batmobile already Ever since I saw this version of The Batmobile at that vintage car show in Hayward (go back a few postings) recently I had it in the back of my mind to hopefully own a nice replica again some day with out getting ripped off. 


  1. DAYUM!!!! Now THAT'S Ragman! Fucking too sweet! And the torn up Nazi flag is a nice little extra touch there.

    1. yeah that was pretty much my reaction when i came across it on deviant art. unfortunately it didn't look like the artist replies to comments so it doesn't look like we'll ever get to know if this is a commission piece or something the artist did cause he's a fan and what not.