Sunday, January 14, 2018

DC Legends . . . not quite the stuff of legend for me

Ya know folks I may get a little bit of heat about this but I after doing some reading of the DC Legends mini-series this weekend I'm not that big of a fan. Now ofcourse this isn't the first time I've read the series but even back then it honestly didn't grab me despite all it had going for it. You had The Squad's first mission along with a bunch of some of the best heroes and villains in the DC Universe's history and great talent on the series like John Ostrander and John Byrne. I feel the same way about the original Crisis on Infinite Earths maxi-series after having finally read it I felt like it was really over rated despite it's legendary status among the DC readership. Can't quite put my finger on it as far as the why but both of these series just didn't make for a great read for me unlike say for example Marvel's original Secret Wars which was like an adrenaline charged page turner which holds up pretty good even today.


  1. While I myself haven't read the whole thing, I think overall it wasn't bad, and it definitely had an impact in the DCU going forward, as it set up a good number of stories and plot-lines for the rest of the 80's.
    Is it super-good? Probably not, but it was solid enough at the time to matter. I also think the whole "Society turning against superheroes" was maybe a bit ahead of its time, seeing as how a variation of that idea later influenced future writers like Bendis, who used it in Civil War and later Secret Invasion.

    Is CRISIS over-rated? Good question. It's a mess, but a well-organized mess, where lots of moving parts and things going on constantly. never really stopping to breath enough. It has its place in history for a reason if not always because of quality. It can be argued and debated for life whether or not it ultimately helped or hurt DC going forward depending on how you feel about the Pre-Crisis DCU VS. the Post-Crisis DCU.

  2. well at least the art work was good.

  3. I love Crisis and Legends !! I was sixteen in 1985 . I had been reading DC Comics ( And so many others ! ) since I was five , almost six , years old !! So , I had ten years of the OLD DC Universe , before the Crisis . I write a weekly column on the Comics and Pop Culture of the time !! I Loved the era !!In addition , I also loved the energy and excitement of the Post Crisis DC Universe !! I also enjoyed Legends !! It was on a smaller scale than the Crisis , but it told a interesting story !! It also launched several new books , and provided inspiration for stories and movies over time !!