Sunday, September 11, 2011

911 an "inside job?" You bet it was!

Yeah that's right an inside job. 19 guys came inside our boarders pretending to be here for legitimate reasons and hid in plain site until they hijacked four planes filled with civilian Americans and non Americans alike. They then crashed these planes into buildings full of more people who were just like you and me and unlike you and me. The people who were murdered that day were about as random as you could get being made up of many races, religions and other belief systems both political and social.
One of the many ironies here is that each one of the hijackers came from a part of the world in which the governments who rule there are among the most brutal and suppressive on the face of the Earth. Not only that but the hijackers carried out there mission to murder out of some self righteous radical religious ideology (just like with Kobra and with that analogy we see again how art imitates life) thinking that the mass murder of random people will bring them 72 virgins in paradise.
Don't buy into that crap that this was all about America's foreign policy (which I'm not saying is beyond reproach) or that the hijackers came from any manner of moral high ground. Living here in the San Francisco Bay Area I've heard it all. An "inside job", really? Why wasn't anybody saying that after the first WTC attack in 94? Oh wait, did 911 happen "because we're allies with Israel" really? Is that why all the 911 hijackers were from countries (egypt & saudi arabia) that are also "allies" with America? Egypt even has a long standing peace treaty with Israel not too mention non of the hijackers were even palestinians. I especially love the "what did we do to make them so angry at us" line of thinking. That's like being a Jew and spending time analyzing why neo-nazis and other anti-Semitic groups like the taliban hate you and want to see you dead. In the face of that kind of hatred one must always respond appropriately which is any way but nicely.
Yesterday I heard that just 8 weeks ago was the last time someone died of a disease they contracted as a result of being in or nearby ground zero on 911. We owe it to that person, as well as to the people who died out right that day and to God knows how many others that are sick in both body and spirit still today to see that everyone who was involved in that terror plot gets a surprise visit from a U.S. SEAL team soon.


  1. great post Dave. You put that perfectly. It's pretty common for victims to blame themselves, wonder what they did to bring the tragedy upon themselves. It's abuot time someone spoke up and put the responsibility where it belongs. Thanks my friend.

  2. your welcome Craig, just think of it as a public service announcement.

  3. How happy must you be that those 2 college kids held in Iran were set free?

  4. not yet they aren't. they're supposed to be freed on bail soon. i won't believe it until they're on a plane home. not that i care cause they were all anti-Israel leftists with the two guys actually being Cal. Berkeley grads (surprise surprise). i'm not sure about the chick who's already back as far as where she went to school but we dug up some old blogs of hers and she's pretty much lock step with the people in the videos from this past Sunday 911.
    speaking objectively about what happened the reasoning for them being arrested and detained was an utter farce. they ultimately became political leverage for the iranian regime and now it's nearly finalized with extortion. after 2 years in captivity their bail is gonna come out to a half million each.
    by the way Dale, there has been next to nothing as far as activism around here on behalf of their release. that's how these "humanitarians' are around here they'll throw their own under the bus if they can't use the situation to demonize the U.S. and Israel. the stench of their hypocrisy is like a busted sewer pipe times 10. thanks for commenting Dale

  5. Your right D, I just watched the news this morning, and they weren't set free yet. I guess if they are really as bad as you say, then maybe this whole ordeal will teach them a lesson. Also, if they're so anti-Israel, wouldn't they be more welcomed in Iran? I guess the fact that they're American trumps whatever good will them being anti-Israel would have brought. Oh well.

    You know my wife actually said she hopes they didn't get released to prove what a liar President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad is. I guess that's going to happen since the Iranian Judiciary claims they aren't going free anytime soon.

    I bet John Ostrander would love to write this story down as a plot for his Suicide Squad.
    But I think he'd make the pair of guys more valuable by being related to a US senator, governor, or president. I could see the SS(not Nazis) going to Iran w/Deadshot blowing President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad's head the fuck off!

    Oh well, we can dream right?

  6. Dale my friend, when have you ever known me to be wrong? if you look a few postings down i included ahmadinejad in my little chart of Middle East tyrants "Knowing Evil by It's Name". and here's something else i'm right about your wife's a keeper so make sure you keep treating her like gold. i'm certain she's nothing at all like the nitwit who stopped following my SS blog because of this 911 posting who turned out to be one of these leftist Jew types i can't stand.
    in yet another example of art imitating life there was an issue of X-Men:Schism in which the female members of the X-Men stop a malfunctioning Sentinel run amuck in iran. ahmadinejad rants about being humiliated because they were saved by women and Kitty Pride rubs his face in it by telling him on top of being a woman that she's Jewish too. you can see the clip art from that here:

  7. And who might this nitwit be? Doesn't matter I guess, people are allowed their own opinions, even if/when they're wrong.
    I saw the Kitty Pryde image myself; priceless. This could easily have been spun to support showing more woman super-heroes saving the day than their male counter-parts.

    Thanks again for the kind words concerning my, wife she is, and I do.

    I voted for Ralph Nader last time instead of Obama; I just couldn't force myself to vote Republican, and I sure as hell wasn't giving Obama my vote. Before Obama, I voted for Hilary Clinton. Yes joke if you want, but she's a very intelligent woman, who can be very persuasive and intimidating when she wants to be. Just ask Slick Willy.

    As for who I'm gong to vote for in '12? IDK, but the Amanda Waller idea sounds fun. I'll probably write in a silly candidate anyways.