Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Suicide Squad #1 Youtube review is here!

Since uploading this video review yesterday I've been reading a flurry of comments all over the internet about Amanda Waller's DC 52 weight loss plan. It's like having to relive the whole pre Green Lantern Angela Basset drama. And of course the Harley Quinn costume controversy is still dragging on. It's like the O.J. trial all over a again God help us all!

I've got a little something extra on this posting for you folks. This is the only poster as far as I know of The Suicide Squad that's ever been published. It came as an insert with the first issue of The Phoenix Gambit saga (issue # 40 1990) during the first series in which The Squad which now was a freelance group teams up with Batman for a mission in Russia.


  1. Loving the poster. Thanks for putting that up.

    Already left you my comments on youtube, but here they are on your blog:

    Dig the Kiss song in the background! Especially since it matches up with Harley Quinn's new paint job.

    Belle Reeve? Shout out to Christopher Reeve, or just plain lousy writing?

    Funny that Waller got the Jennifer Hudson Weight-loss treatment.

    I'd still prefer it if Ostrander or at least Gail Simone wrote this, after how bad people ragged on Legion of Doom. It was OZ meets Superheroes, witch wasn't too bad, except that Glass had too many good characters, epecially Animal Man, job out to Heatwave. Seriously, think about that one; Heatwave. Yeah.

    Here's hoping SS improves/gets better.

  2. i've heard the "Reeve" in Belle Reeve pronounced as rev in Smallville but to me it sounds more like Christopher Reeves (a Superman in spirit also) based on the spelling. actually Dale the KISS song was completely random but great point! maybe that could make for fun photoshop project some day. as for Jennifer Hudson i've got some "treatment" of my own i'd like to give her she seems to look hotter with every new photo published of her. i'm not familiar with Glass's previous work but he did a good job on the new Swamp Thing issue too so thus far the guy has my approval. like i said as far as the relaunch goes with first issues it's not bad at all but only time will tell if i'll be able to get used to all the changes. right now what has me scratching my head the most is the relaunch it's self as a whole. it doesn't seem like every title is an actual relaunch. and the relaunch title's themselves pretty much have erased the past mythos from what i could see and i heard that wasn't supposed to happen. we'll just have to keep reading for now and see how it all continues to unfold.
    thanks for the comments Dale i appreciate the feed back. by the way i heard on CNN late last night that there seems to be some ambiguity in regards to the hiker's bail schedule now. are you as shocked as i am? oh it gets even better! "president" imanutjob is coming back to Columbia University during his next U.N. (united nazis) address. the last time we heard about how The Holocaust never happened and that there are no gays in iran (cuz the hung them all!) and that homosexuality is an "America thing". they might as well just have him at Berkeley too as a key note speaker.

  3. I've been following that, and the whole thing's just unfortunate. As my wife and I believe, why the hell would those 3 idiots go to a such a well-known hostile country like that? Did they honestly think they could walk around as freely there as you can here in the states? For that fact alone they kind of deserve what happened to them, although in cases like this, it's always the families that suffer.

    I also can't believe that Columbia U would actually allow Imanutjob(nice name by the way, and completely accurate) to come back and spout more Bullshit. Are they high over there? Do they not watch/read the same news programs as us? The capacity for stupidity of some people never ceases to amaze me.

    Calling the UN Nazis? Really? On what basis? Sure they don't always handle things the right and intelligent way, and sometimes can prove to be really useless, but why label them Nazis? You are aware what real Nazis did right?
    Hopefully you can provide me with a real good explanation on that one.

    Now if you were to possibly paint the Catholic Church w/ the same brush, I'd be inclined to somewhat agree, especially concerning a lot of the recent facts that have come out about the church like the rampant molestations that have occurred over the years while high officials possibly and/or willingly turned a blind eye to the whole matter.
    Then again, I'm admitingly biased towards disliking Catholicism due to centuries of mistreatment, the Spanish inquisition, Nazi-smuggling, wide-spread corruption, indulgences, and the just mentioned rape/molestation of countless boys.

    Whew, that was a lot to type out! Sorry for all of that, but I have a huge axe to grind when it comes to Catholicism.

  4. yeah and you left out pedophilia on that laundry list of Catholic virtues. as to the U.N. thing my nickname for that so called world governing body is not meant to be taken literally and indeed it is an exaggeration as far as metaphors go. the nickname comes from a history of certain bias's in regards to U.N. resolutions and the fact that the U.N. has long ago been hijacked by interest groups that are anything but friendly toward the West.
    as to those hiker idiot is important to remember that people like that or like the ones in my videos from last sunday live on a planet called code pink. it's a planet in which tyrants imanutjob and thugs like hugo chavez are great world leaders courageously resisting U.S. imperialism. it's also a planet where it's U.S. soldiers who are the terrorists making the actual terrorists now freedom fighters. so i like to think of the hiker's extended stay in iran as part of their middle east studies U.C. Berkeley didn't cover.

  5. Ha! good one about extended studies. Too true.

    I left off pedophilia? I figured that was covered/included in the Catholic church's rape/molestation package that they so thoughtfully offer to poor young choir boys. Silly me.

    I can't believe I also left out the current pope being a former member of the Hitler Youth Movement, and for all I know could still be a member in good standing with the "immortal" 4th Reich.

    I'll leave the UN-bashing to you, seeing as how you seem more knowledgeable about their offenses.
    But I'll see your UN debacle, and raise you the hideous mess that is the World Court. Not that I'm knocking them, because I'm grateful they're around, but they don't seem to mean much since big name countries like the US refuse to join them, making them seem more legitimate.

  6. You know it's funny, I have no problem with the Harley makeover. I like it. It fits. It's creepy and psychotic. But when I saw Waller it kind of ticked me off a little. I think I always liked the fact that she wasn't just another skinny gal with power. She was just a powerful woman who ran an organization and her looks had nothing to do with anything. Meh. To me this almost takes away some of her character. I'm not saying she won't be well written or anything. Just that the visual will take some more getting used to for me. Yes, I realize that's a little shallow on my part. There's nothing that says a fit woman can't run a government organization competently. Anyhoo the relaunch looks awesome and I can't wait to see it up close and personal.

  7. Don't feel bad for feeling that way Random, we all miss the true "Wall." Hopefully this isn't permanent, otherwise, I doubt too many older fans will stick around on this book. Hell, I could of have told everyone, and I think I did, that w/o Simone or Orstrander behind the wheel, this title will go to shit and be cancelled. And like I've said before, the geniuses at DC, namely Didio, cancelled Secret Six for this crap.

  8. Don't get me wrong. This is purely a cosmetic gripe. As long as they write her well, I'll be okay with it. I think my initial reaction is probably just because I'm female and I always wonder if they do this because they're trying to drag more fanboys in. As long as the character doesn't take a hit, it's all good.

  9. Yeah.
    Harley also had a major makeover, not only in her looks but also in her personality.
    She seems tougher.
    About changes, noboby noticed deadshot lost his mustache?
    Everybody seems to focused on Waller liposuction to notice the boys.
    It was not just the Shark that receved a hammer Head. Deadshot was looking younger and upgraded and sure did not look like a 70's gigolo anymore.

  10. i noticed and i made a mention of it in the first video review of SS#1.

  11. Nice review! I have to say that due to hopping countries I kinda had to trim this one from the budget, but that's okay as from what I've read it seems to have landed in the not quite a reboot but not quite a relaunch either. That's cool - I mean I've had my Suicide Squad, it's time for others to have theirs.

    Wall was a little but of a shocker, but as long as the 'tude doesn't change, I'm just glad she's still heading the teams gigs.

    Look forward to what you think of #2!

  12. thanks for being the voice of reason Dan i'll certainly have plenty to say after #2 comes out.

  13. Yeah Dave you did. Sorry!
    Another thing, now that I had more time to give your review all the time it deserve, it ocurred to me that maybe that cute to beautiful woman might not be Amanda Waller, but instead, be Fleur... (?)
    New universe new chance in life?

  14. do you mean Flo? her niece who died on Apakolypse in the original series?

  15. Yes, I meant Flo.
    What do you think?

  16. i think that would be outrageously funny if it turned out to be Flo. i would have to make a posting of just about how stupid all these whiny little fan boys have been for the past few days. i would have fun with that one!

  17. That whould be one interesting post :)
    I'd like her to be Flo. Maybe this time she'd have a chance with Ben.

  18. I got this one day - class picture.

    1. yeah i used to have the real deal too but i don't know what the fuck happened to it over the years.