Thursday, September 1, 2011

Everybody was Kung Fu fightn: Bronze Tiger vs. Batman plus, the 3 reasons Bronze Tiger is a badass you never knew about!

There's not much more I can say about Bronze Tiger that I and the rest of his fan base hasn't said already on this blog site. This posting largely consists of some cool stuff I found on the internet. Some i was looking for and other stuff and random. Now I believe the Detective Comics issue below is the first confrontation between Batman & Bronze Tiger. Let me tell ya it was a pretty epic match with some good art wort to boot! The links below should take you to some high resolution pages of the issue that consists of the match. The links are in descending order starting with the first page on top.

Bronze Tiger Is A Badass Because . . .

. . he can knock somebody out using the vulcan nerve pinch even though he's not a vulcan. Captain Kirk still hasn't gotten it down even after decades of Mr. Spock showing him how it's done.

. . he can get undressed next to another guy getting undressed in the out doors with out there being anything gay about it. Ok maybe a little bit depending on who you ask but that's besides the point.

. . he is one of the few non super powered characters in the DC Universe who can stand face to face with Superman and still look like an absolute badass. Others who could pull it off include Batman (ofcourse), Rick Flag and none other then Amanda Waller.


  1. Do you see the way the martial arts teacher is there calmlt standing as if having two guy beating his people is nothing to break a sweat about?
    Oh... And are you Ben Turner's twin?

    There is always someting gay even in a bored look, depending on who you ask, but yes I agree with you.

  2. I wish comic book covers still looked like that - I miss the captions of yesterday. A lot of today's comic covers look like they are trying not to be comics.

    As for Bronze Tiger, he's the best part of the Squad, and while any fighting move that has the word 'pinch' in it isn't the greatest he's still the man in anyone's language!

  3. glad you liked it. not to sound immodest i have to admit this was one of the funniest postings i've ever come up with.
    Dan, i agree those vintage DC covers with all the catch lines were very classic. by the way mate i just realized something in regards to your move. let me tell ya folks if you thought this posting was funny wait till you see what i come up with next!

  4. Heeheehee. Can't stop giggling enough to post anything more coherent.

  5. This was back in the day when you would see a writer or 2 dare to show the great "Bat-God" get his ass handed to him every once in awhile. If the fight happened now, you can be sure it won't be Batman that does the jobbing but BT.

    IDK what the problem is, it's nice to know that characters like bronze tiger or deathstroke can still get the better of batman like has been shown in the past, but you're not allowed to do that now unless the person's really super-powered, and even then that's not guaranteed to work.

    Hey Dave, nice photoshop job on the old DC cosmic team card. I have a few left myself, and enjoyed the hell out of them at the time when they were out. Although to be honest, I always thought the Marvel ones were better.