Friday, January 6, 2012

Suicide Squad: A Watery Grave & Captain Boomerang's "Flash back" in Brightest Day #7

I made some dollar bin finds yesterday. The Watery Grave 3 issue story arc in the 1995 Superboy series involved Superboy teaming up with the Suicide Squad in order to infiltrate and destroy the under water head quarters of a high tech crime cartel known as The Silicon Dragons. The team is made up of only two Squad regulars (Deadshot & Boomerang) along with Superboy foes Knock Out and King Shark. There is also the addition of the criminal known as Side Arm and finally there is the team leader Makoa form the Honolulu police department. We also get appearances by Waller during the mission briefing and briefly toward the end of the story.
The mission is the usual fiasco even from the beginning as the team fails in it's attempt to covertly enter the base leading them into an open confrontation instead right away. The temperamental Side Arm turns on Makoa who is in turn killed by Kind Shark due to the explosive belt he is wearing that is tied to Makoa's life signs. Boomerang later is revealed to being in league with the Silicon Dragons and is promptly shot by Deadshot which causes sever injury to his hands. Ending things Knock Out and King Shark seemingly die as they grapple causing King Shark's belt to go off.
It's over all a pretty good read although nothing seems to be going on here that's crucial to the Suicide Squad as a continuity like certain key issues of Checkmate. So it's not really a must have unless your inclined to collect pretty much every SS appearance ever published. But for a buck or two it's certainly worth while to have this in your collection.

The other dollar bin find I made was Brightest Day #7 that features a duel story line that ties into the Brightest Day saga and Captain Boomerang's origins. Now I'm sure most of you know of or have Suicide Squad #44 which was an issue totally devoted to Boomerang's life story from his abusive child hood to being a career criminal.
This Brightest Day issue isn't going to tell you much more then the before mentioned Suicide Squad issue will but it does expand on a few things and goes a little more in depth. And a couple new things it includes is a recap of his time with the Rogues which was a point in life that he describes where he never felt as "at home" as he did along side them. Unless your a hardcore Boomerang fan I wouldn't say this issue is a must have but it does make a nice addition to your collection of Suicide Squad tie-ins and well worth it if you find it for a buck or two. You should be able to magnify all of these images for better viewing.

Just had an after thought upon seeing Dan's comment (IADW blog) today Sunday Jan. 08. Over the past couple of months I've found Villains United #1,2,3,4 and 6 in dollar bins. It all started with me grabbing #1 on a whim and I thought it was a great read along with some stellar art. but now I'm on the hook for trying to get my meat hooks on #5 but thus far it's proven to be elusive even in regular back issue bins.


  1. Psst - it's "Knockout" not "Punch Out"!

  2. bloody Hell! i was knackered when i wrote this posting last night didn't do the job proper. fixed er up mate thanks.

  3. I've been looking for this 3issue arc and can't find it. I feel so left out I can't wait till Wednesday.

  4. well then Omega Agent 1 good luck on your mission come Wednesday. and if you get captured remember we don't know you, nothing personal.

  5. I love Johns' villain spotlight/interlude issues and Boomerang's was no exception. He writes each so well, it's a shame he didn't get to relaunch the Secret Society of Super-villains or The Rouges. I would've loved to read his dark side coming out every month.

  6. Me too!
    I loved the Brightest day issue, with little boomer. I was expecting Johns to keep with Flash Facts, but well, we have a new universe with Boomerang captured by some very creepy characters.
    That issue with Superboy back then was interesting and the last story of the squad I read for many, many years. Because the brazilian editor that published DC and Marvel stopped doing it at least in Portugal. Which was annoying because Boomerang was shot in both hands and only after I was an adult did i get to read whatever happened to him, afterwards.
    Nice digging.

  7. thanks Aliera i gotta keep coming with something to have you coming back for more:) when Boomerang was shot he started to fall to his death but was saved by Superboy. at some point he obviously makes a full recovery but it hardly matters now that we're in a whole new DC Universe. which is ironic since in the last issue Deadshot shoots him through the hand.
    by the way one of the comic shops in my area has Villains United #5 i'm gonna pick it up tomorrow yippee!

  8. That was a salute to this scene. I almost expected Boomerang to ask "Again!???!??" but, yeah, now this didn't happen.