Friday, February 3, 2012

Amanda Waller's evolution in animated TV media

I just felt like making a collage of the various versions of Amanda Waller through out the animated media she has appeared in over the years so far. Notice how in the Young Justice version she's more feminized? Although not quite at Angela Bassett's level but still considerably more feminine then the short haired and stout figured version from JLU. If you haven't seen this Amanda Waller clip from Batman beyond you need to it's a great example of how she's still awesome even as a retired elderly woman :

Here's some character model shots from animated TV shows I found on
Deviant Art I decided to add to this posting for your viewing pleasure.


  1. No doubt.
    In Superman/Batman Public Enemies specialy, they took pains in making her morbidly obese. I have no ploblem with a heavy Waller, but yeah I prefer to see her healtier, has I would, a friend :).
    She looks much better in Young Justice.

    1. agreed. by the way i found DJ Spider on Facebook. that's the Black Orchid cosplay lady in the last posting. she liked it a lot :)

  2. It seams a given that she loves purple :S

  3. Cool blog you've got here! :) Keep it up!

  4. I'm glad you did the Waller evolution. The JLU version is the hands down perfect interpretation of the true Amanda Waller. It's like she walked right out of Ostranders Suicide Squad.

    And all of a sudden we not only see her in action but now we know what she sounds like. The voice was so perfect that most people wanted the actress to play Waller in the live action movie. But Angela Basset is the only live action Waller for me, her cameo was the best part of the GL movie.

    Not only was Waller NOT good in Superman/Batman PE it was a suck ass movie. I would gather every known copy pile em up and burn em.

    The Young Justice version looks right but the accent is a piece of crap.

    Which brings me to the current Amanda Waller in the presently awesome Glass written Suicide Squad. Personally she should have stayed fat but the new Jen Hudson version works well.

    1. the actress who did the voice for the JLU version was C.C.H Pounder whp also happens to be an all around great actress. i would also give some credit to Pam Grier who played Amanda Waller on Smallville i think that casting worked out pretty well too.

  5. I love Pam Grier and C.C. Ponder is a good actress I would never try and down play their accomplishments. For me though it's a certain air, a certain power and intimidation that Amanda waller radiates. And Angela Basset can be that authority.

    When I see Pam Grier you want to kiss her.
    C.C. Ponder is a sweet auntie

    Angela Basset can be the BOSS (not my boss) but the one calling the shots none the less. It's not easy being able to play any type of character but this is what Angela brings to the table.