Tuesday, March 12, 2013

A fresh perspective

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This was intended to be a comment on the last posting but after seeing how long winded it was I figured why not just make it into a new posting? Alright folks allow me to add a bit more of an objective review in contrast to OA1's "angry black man" (just messn with ya OA1 . . sort of) perspective on the show:

Sportsmaster vs Black Manta:

You have to remember something about Sportsmaster he trained both Artemis and Cheshire almost everything they know and he fought Deathstroke "mano e mano" to a stand still so to regard SM as some kind of second rate fighter is pretty ridiculous. plus don't forget his fight with Black Manta was basically a draw and SM had two advantages. One was the element of surprise and the other was Black Manta being distracted by his fear of Kaldor's life being in eminent danger by Cheshire.

Aqualad vs Black Manta:
We knew this showdown was coming. As Aqualad said he recognizes his father's noble side and that he was conflicted about being a double agent. But at the end of the day he was fully aware that they were on different sides in the war between good and evil and he did what he had to do as expected of a hero on the Young Justice team. I think Aqualad showed an amazing amount of poise, maturity and grace under pressure as a secret agent against The Light. To suggest the Aqualad character is some kind of "uncle Tom" or a chump is to me just down right irrational.

Character development on the show:
There's a lot of stuff most anybody who's familiar with the DC universe could potentially complain about here rather if it's about Wonder Girl or Ras Al Guhl on the show. I would have liked to have seen more Amanda Waller or maybe an episode that was in part devoted to the Suicide Squad like they had on Justice League Unlimited. But you know what guys? they can't have everything on this show for every single fan boy and girl out there, especially in just 3 seasons! Despite whatever things someone might want to nitpick on this show over all it's very well written and clearly aimed at a more mature audience thank friggin god!

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In a nut shell when you consider the nauseating garbage we've gotten in recent years from DC like Batman: brave and bold and the pre-school level audience teen titans cartoons there's really next to nothing worth complaining about on YOUNG JUSTICE. Especially when you also consider the non DC stuff also in recent years that's been a great disappointment like the Thundercats revamp cartoon.


  1. I'm just gonna pull some comments from the last posting in response to what i'm saying in this posting which was a comment on the last posting. by the way who's on first? : )

    From Dale Bagwell:

    Pretty much this yeah. I figured it was always sad(yet still a welcome positive thing) when the animated shows are better the comics, and sometimes even the action figures.

    Shows like GL and YJ showcase just how much of a clusterfuck the new 52 is, and until they can get their shit together over there, expect more of the same.

    Also, Random Hannah's explanation for Manta getting jobbed out so soon makes sense to me. The writers were in a bit of time crunch, and forced to move things along quicker than they probably would've. Plus it's not like we all didn't see Manta and his son squaring off all this time. It was going to happen, just not this soon.
    And hey don't feel bad Omega, 'cause Ra's got jobbed out too with a quick arrow to the chest. If it wasn't for his deducing that Artemis was faking it as the Huntress/Tigress, it would've been a total job fest on his part.

    On that note though, I really hope the new Batman cartoon is every bit as cool as the animated stills make it look. I'm looking forward to seeing the new additions to the Rogues Gallery like Professor Pyg and Mr. Toad.

    From Randomnerd:

    Just to clarify, I really do love this show. LOVE it. They have managed to keep a lot of the spirit of not only the original YJ comic alive, but also the later incarnation of the team when it transitioned into Teen Titans, and the writing, (dialogue wise, especially, which is a major part of what was so special about those books)has been as tight as can be for a serial cartoon series. Much more so than the Teen Titans from the new 52. In fact, I didn't even pick up on Ra's being knocked out by a tiny little arrow being kind of disharmonious. I was too caught up in fist pumping my way through that whole battle scene. Especially Wally and Bart talking while running rings around the bad guys. I loved that. And despite the fact they I think they've been rushed, or that I might have made different choices in which females to put on the team, I think they've done a decent job. I never would have put Aqualad in charge. Cassie would have gone there. And if I had put Aqualad in charge it would have gone old school and been Garth. But that's my age showing, and nothing else. My sense of which Aqualad goes with which Robin, etc, etc. And now I'm rambling, which can go on for hours when talking Titans teams.
    Don't even get me started on having a Dick without a Starfire. You won't enjoy that rant.
    It's a great show. I'm sad to see it go. I'll be getting them all on DVD. And I'll be inundating CN with hate mail.

  2. Well, it's like we said, time constraints really messed up Manta's flow, and forced him to get jobbed out.

    Other than that, the build up to all this was pretty solid, so no major complaints here.

    Sad to see such a really good show be allowed to be cancelled though. YJ turned out massively better than that dumb Teen Titans show, and a bit better than GL(which was my favorite for awhile).

    But like I said, very much looking forward to the new batman series. I fucking love Batman, so here's hoping it's good. Sure it'll probably be nowhere as good as B:TAS from the 90's but here's hoping it's decent enough.