Saturday, March 9, 2013

"Build off the original, still magnificent Suicide Squad"

This weekend we saw another great episode and perhaps the beginning of this series wrapping up. With the alliance between The Reach and The Light falling apart and Aqualad and Artemis playing their final hand with their deep cover assignment I'm getting a sense this are coming to a conclusion. Cmon Omega Agent 1 ya gotta give it up for this one! That being said I can't help but wonder if last week's episode was the last we'll see of Arsenal with his new gang. I should hope not seeing as they just started their partnership at the end of that episode. There's still a few other issues to play out such as Black Beetle's ultimate plan now that he's ditched the Reach's ambassador and Vandal Savage escaping with the War World. Stay tuned folks this show keeps getting better and better with each weekend.

Just wanted to give a hat tip to Dale Bagwell  for passing this along to me. It seems the new creative team will be taking the Suicide Squad back to it's Ostrander roots. Too early to say if this is something worth getting excited for but you can read all about it here.

 I'm just throwing this fan art in as an after thought today. This is quite an interesting Marvel vs DC match up. At a glance I'd be inclined to say that Alpha Flight has The Squad out done in the raw power department but that all really depends on which members of  The Squad make up the team that's going to go up against Alpha Flight. Through out the Squad's history in the old DCU they've had so many members come and go and many of them were some pretty ruthless and cunning killers. But also, The Squad does have Amanda Waller and we all know "don't ever fuck with The Wall".

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 More cool stuff just keeps falling into my lap today. Here's a little something I put together this Saturday afternoon after having learned about this IDF soldier. If you want to know more about Izzy's story go to this short Youtube video:


  1. Damn good episode today man! The best one yet, and that's saying something considering the how this whole seasons been.

    Omega will no doubt have some opinion on what went down between father and son, but it was still handled beautifully.

    I don't know if it's just me or not, but YJ was vastly superior to GL today, and that's with Guy Gardner!

    Even though things were moving along, it just didn't seem as faced paced and satisfying as YJ was.

    Can't wait for the last two(?) episodes.

  2. let me get back to your comment Dale as soon as i finish watching GL a bit later today.

  3. My faith in DC is Dead.

    This was one of the best episodes of Young Justice to date (overall perspective) and one of the worst episodes to date (specifically). From the beginning this show has been about more than the sidekicks and it's paid off. Especially with Aqualad and Artemis.

    It's no secret that what the show was doing with Black Manta was nothing short of amazing as far as redefining a character, and in two episodes they served him up to the mob of Rome. Bastards (take it out context).

    1. ok OA1 it's time for some hard Q n A. what is it you hate so much about what YJ has done with Black Manta? is it because you think he should have done better in his match with Sportsmaster? and what happened with him today that has you so upset? ok so he sorta got bitch slapped by Black Beetle but hey BB is a pretty powerful dude and it's not like Black Manta punkt out he was still ready to throw down with him.

    2. Q&A time. Not only did a historically weak white character (sportsmaster) beat him but now the Aliens who can be seen as other people from other countries who hate the United States are knocking him around. What are these white writers trying to say?

      Luthor is portrayed as super smart in contrast to Superman's super powers. But when Luthor is in his power suit he's as formidable as Superman. So what's the deal with Manta's suit? What happened to his advanced fight skills (according to comics)? and how many times can his helmet get knocked off before it's lame? Before you ask yourself what are you saying to me personally (the Black reader/watcher) who you (the establishment is suppose to be trying to syphon money from as well; build your demographics so to speak?

      Black Manta is Aquaman's arch villain and with the treatment an original member of the Legion of Doom has been getting for decades, how can you wonder why Aquaman has been a running joke for years?

      If you look at this thing from a story point of view...this is what creates villains. So I'm no longer an Agent for the Empire. Damn Young Justice, the Hall of Justice and DC Justice.

  4. Dale
    i finally got around to watching Green Lantern and i gotta say i thought it was pretty good. i especially like the Daily Show John Stewart remark that was clever writing. aside from that the episode had some good action and drama along with some good Guy Gardner wise cracks. it's funny how you were into that show when it first came out and now i'm the one who's more into it lately.

  5. I caught that, but was thinking he was talking about GL John Stewart. Still have my blond moments it seems.

    I do still like GL, it's just that compared to YJ, the pacing seems slower to me. Maybe it's just me, but YJ seems to pack more in it, even with a bigger cast. Still a good show, and I thought Ranx here was a sentient world like Mogo. Instead we got swerved and it was really the Anti-Monitor. His mission statement sounds just like the regular Monitors, but less malicious. It was probably too much to include the Monitors, so I'll cut them a break there.

    And yes, Guy's always a treat to watch. It's so fun to see him fluster Mr. Cool as ice, Hal Jordan:)

    I'll agree with Omega a bit on the whole recent handling of Manta. He's been jobbed twice so far, and shown to be out-smarted by his son(who really was every bit as ruthless as he always wanted, so lets heat it for irony;) Even in defeat he remains regal and noble, so don't lose heart in that Omega.

    It was about time the Good guys showed how resourceful they can be. I always love the whole hiding in plain sight stuff.

    Again, best episode so far!

    As for Roy, maybe we'll see in the last episode. I'd be really surprised if he didn't make a small cameo.

  6. I agree with you for the most part. The young heroes showed greatness in this episode. Overall it was good. It was the details that were nasty. Aqualad was magnificent. He even took down Deathstroke. We didn't see it, and how did he do it, sneak attack, strait up fight, Tigress collaboration?

    After Megan lobotomized him all is forgiven. Oh it was a crime of passion (premeditated passion)because vegitizing people is what she does. And is still a valued member of the team.

    Black Beetle knocked the shit out of your old man and your father is who you choose to square off with after all he's done for his son. Aqualad is a bitch and unworthy to live. Again what is the message of the white media here?

    Am I pulling the race card? If you took a look at my real family, friends and associations you wouldn't even ask. But I don't have to defend that. I'm talking about gross an intentional defacing of minority characters, Manta is just the one I'm talking about at the moment.

    People could say...damn, this is just entertainment. But at who's expense? What happened to fair play....It got cancelled, until it needs to be used for the establishment.

    1. well OA1 i appreciate your very thorough explanation over your grievances with the writing on YJ. for what it's worth as soon as that show is over DC will have nothing for me and Dale either.

  7. This is just conversation among friends on how I, and we precieve the show. It's no personal attacks. You and Dale are my boys and sometimes I, and we need these little venting sessions.

    I'm a comics guy so you know when the characters I like gets shafted it sort of turns my smile upside down. Just know every now and then well get one of these type a talks. No biggie, but these are real issues.

  8. Don't feel bad or apologize for how you feel Omega. I mean, I'd be giving you shit if this had been a poorly articulated rant just for the sake of ranting but you have your points, and yeah again, Manta really did get shafted here no doubt. And by his own son too. If we were still talking about race, would you go so far as to consider him an uncle tom for taking his white, adoptive father's side? Not trying to make to light of your point, just asking if you'd go that far.

    If anything, take solace in the fact that the writers built Manta up pretty damn well, and have also seemed to have used other minorities like Jamie and the "Outsiders" in a positive manner. Sure they're rash and young, but they still take the time to think, and aren't being shown as "lazy", "slow", or any other stereotypical attribute usually saddled with such diverse races.

    Can you poke hole in the entire season;s overall storyline? of course, especially in example you gave about Meghan. But then comics often times do the same thing, you're just sometime lucky that they get addressed, unlike the cartoons who don't have the same luxury of time or hindsight.

    But again, you're more than free to call bullshit here; god knows me and Shlomo have done it here dozens of times in stuff ranging from Jews/Palestinians to Dan Didio and DC. It happens, and that's why comment sections exist....or at least that's how it's supposed to work I think;)

    1. Preciate that there Dale. And no Aqualads no Uncle Tom, he's been mentally comprimised, Brainwashed and conditioned. But the characters do what the writers say do (no free will). My problem is with the writer of this episode. But like you said YJ has done excellent work with the minority heroes. It's two sides. The villains have to be handled right also. And hindsight is 20/20. But nobody makes 30 plus years of mistakes with the same character. Geoff Johns Black Manta and Wes/Vetti's Black Manta needs to merge into one new Black Manta sorta like Goku and Vagetta.

  9. all i can say at this point is that i'm glad i didn't initially respond to OA1's venting by saying "what is it with you people anyways?".

  10. I'd have to say most of the mistakes they made with Black Manta's character in YJ are probably due to having to rush the storyline because they know they're being cancelled. They have to have him defeated, obviously by his son because that has the most impact on Aqualad who is a major character in the show, and go on to the final confrontation with Black Beetle. I think that made it feel rushed and as a result it caused a character to look weak when he is anything but. It's also causing certain other characters not to be fleshed out when I'm certain they intended them to be (*cough* Wonder Girl *cough*) This also explains Miss Martian's acceptance back into the fold without so much as a sideways glance, which, lets face it, in the comics, never would have happened with Dick leading the team, or Tim for that matter. Two of Bat's proteges? They would have had her ass under surveillance. So yeah, I get the complaints, OA1. I've got them too. I didn't see it from your perspective, though, so thank you for that. It's always nice to hear someone else's side of the story. :) You should have heard me ranting to my kids during the first season about no Wonder Girl. And the lack of Strong Female Characters. Who, you know, aren't aliens. Or Cheerleaders.

    1. Agreed, I wanted to see Troia. Thankfully we got Cassie a little later. Young Justice had everything a fan boy or girl could want in an animated show. It was just that one thing that pushed me over the edge. I think I'm back now (I think).

    2. indeed for a while there you were pretty far over the edge Tiger OA1.