Monday, April 1, 2013

Deadshot Beginnings, Vertigo's family jewels & going Wilde for Nightshade

Deadshot: Beginnings TPB
Writers: John Ostrander, Kim Yale, Steve Englehart, Doug Moench, Gerry Conway and Paul Levitz  Artists: Luke McDonnell, Marshall Rogers, Terry Austin, Don Newton, Alfredo Alcala and Bruce Patterson
Collects: Deadshot #1-4, Batman #369, Detective Comics #474 & 518  $14.99 160pg

This trade doesn't come out till October but you don't have to wait that long to read much of it's contents. I went to the trouble of hunting down quite a bit of the clip art that's online for your viewing pleasure.

 Deadshot Mini-Series:
Batman #369:
Detective Comics #474:
Detective Comics #518 and #474 continued:

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That clip art comes from Green Arrow # 2 (Volume 2) published in 1983. I gotta wonder if the writer had any idea how that bit of dialogue came off to most readers. Or possibly they did and had a fun laugh over it with the rest of the DC production staff? One of the many mysteries of life I suppose. Much like this nicely done Count Vertigo sketch who I couldn't find and artist's name to go with it.

And speaking of family jewels, more specifically mine or yours if your a guy reading this posting right now. Here we have the insanely perfect looking Olivia Wilde as Nightshade. Just for the record Wilde would have been my first pick as Catwoman for Batman 3. Hathaway just did not work for me.

I've been reading a lot of Justice League from the Ed Benes era lately. Most of it has been coming from the trades paper backs I've been finding at the library lately. And I feel like I lucked out too cause they all covered the appearances of the Suicide Squad and cool related moments such as Vixen confiding to Bronze Tiger about her powers going haywire. So aside from the obvious along with Poison Ivy's long history on the Squad I was pretty happy when I came across this cosplay photo.


  1. Oliva Wilde does look like she'd be a good fit for portraying Nightshade now that you mention it. I don't know how well she would've pulled off Catwoman, but maybe if I were to see her photoshopped as such I could be convinced.

  2. Olivia is a pretty girl and Hathaway has mega acting chops, but like Shlomo said she just wasn't the Catwoman for me. The movie wasn't even that good to me. It was a little over dramatized, to corny in spots (police charging strait in like a medieval battle). The movie was a drag.

    wrong Talia, to much of the wrong Robin, broken down Bruce --- it goes on and on and on. Glad it's over.

    1. yeah i've got a lot of mixed feelings about that last Batman. there's still some things about the movie i wasn't too crazy about i just can't put my finger on. . . . . .how ironic they're talking about the Aurora theater shooting right now on NPR. apparently the theater recently reopened with a new name and everything. i never gave it any thought what it must be like to go to that theater knowing what happened there just last year.

  3. It's funny, to me Hathaway as Catwoman was about the only right thing (other than Alfred, he's always good) about that last Batman movie. I get that she probably wasn't everyone's ideal Selena, but she did the best acting in the movie. Which is sad, because I know Bale can do better.
    Personally, I blame the last movie on Bane. Because I hate the character. And it just proves to me that no matter how they try to revamp him, or retool him, he just ends up ruining stuff I love.
    Olivia Wilde: She'd make a really good Nightshade, I agree. And with the right director leading her, I think she could act it all right. We know she looks good in skin tight suits. Although, I'd really rather they find curvier actresses. Other than Scarlet Johanssen, it's always the sticks with heads that get these parts.


    1. "it's always the sticks with heads that get these parts."

      TRUE FACT! The girl that just played Lady Jaye in the G.I.Joe movie needed a samich. They played her up as sexual bait in the movie and it was so sad.

      Bale is high calibur (the Fighter) and was the right guy for the movie. It was the writing that was so wrong and the whoever that was suppose to tell him no growling, is the ones at fault.

      Everybody involved in this movie dropped the ball if you ask me. #1 it's suppose to be a movie about Batman and it's not. #2 A movie has to be more than a bunch of cool clips strung together, this is what it was. #3 Damn, how many times are we going to see the same Batman characters in a movie? What good is a rogues gallery if your going to keep recycling the same 6 or 7 characters?

    2. I think they're always just trying for the high profile ones, which in the case of Joker and Two-Face fit perfectly into the story. But in the third movie, it felt more like they had character names they wanted to use, and just shlupped in a movie around them.