Monday, April 22, 2013

Guess that movie reference

I had to black out the last word it would have given it away. So who's gonna be the first to get this one? Cmon you don't have to be as smart as Batman to figure this one out. Either way this clip art should provide you with another reminder of what made the Squad of the old DCU so fun to read. I hope the new writer for the Squad reboot is paying attention.

April 23 update (1 A.M. PT): Somebody just got the answer. But if you want to try and guess anyway . . . and then go into the comments section you can still tell us what you came up with rather it turned out to be the right answer or not.


  1. Replies
    1. well thanks for trying but i can assure you the answer is not at all related to Monty Python. i'll give it another day to see if anyone else takes a stab at the answer. by the way welcome arw1985 it's always nice to see some body new around here.

    2. BINGO! glad i decided to check my this posting one last time before i went to bed tonight. nice going Mr. Zero did you have to think that one over or did it come to you right away?

    3. then it sounds you've seen that movie one too many times . . just like me : ) but who can blame us right? that was pure awesomeness and obviously either John Ostrander or any other of the people working on this Suicide Squad mini-series thought so too.

  2. Nice comment catch! Hey, did you see Plastique is in issue 19 of the preview? At least I'm guessing that's her on the fold out cover.