Saturday, January 31, 2015

Justice League Throne of Atlantis review

I was planning on buying it this weekend when just last night I discovered the latest DC animated feature was already on youtube in the form of a series of videos making up a total of 6 parts. So, the 3 or 4 of you reading this here's what I thought of the movie. In a nut shell it was a sequel to Justice League: War wrapped in an Aquaman origin story line. Before you read on this review is really intended for people who have seen the movie not because I have spoilers but because it will make better sense if you have.
Overall it wasn't a bad movie and it entertained me for the most part. Did it have the epic grandeur of Justice League Flash Point? The character development of Batman: Under The Red Hood? Or the entertainment value with it's dialogue and action as seen in Batman: Assault on Arkham? No, not really but that's not to say it didn't do a decent job of developing the individuals of The League such as the budding love affair between Superman and Wonder Woman and Victor Stone coming to terms with his life as a cybernetic organism. And of course we get to see more of the usual smart ass quips from Green Lantern along with some adolescent male humor provided by Captain Marvel. The Mera character was something of a surprise as a supporting role for the heroes that I liked and as for the villains . . Orem and Black Manta I would describe as adequate.
As for Aquaman himself they did a fairly good job with him as an origin story although there was some shit that annoyed me like a knife shattering against his skin as if a knife is made of a brittle material that would break like that. His journey as someone with a mixed heritage with a mystery back ground to becoming part of The League was handled fairly well I especially liked how he was a booze hound at the beginning of the movie. The high point of the final battle was definitely the way Aquaman defeats Black Manta although the battle it's self was otherwise . . . standard and kinda under whelming. On a high note the post credit scene of Lex Luthor visiting Belle Reve certainly intrigued me.

Part 1


  1. I really like how they're utilizing Belle Reve in the animated movies these days. Even just in the background. I haven't watched this yet, because my weekend is a little nutsoid, but I'm looking forward to it even more so now because of this review. Thanks Shlomo. You're always looking out.

  2. About to watch it today. You can go to for free links to movies, tv shows, etc. My girlfriend introduced me to that site, and I love it.
    She liked this one too, and the trailer looks good so, I'm in.

    1. thanks for the tip on that site Dale i think i'll have to look into that. so tell me about the new love in your life. i know it was a while ago but the last time we talked about chicks you were telling me about that little tart you met at a comic shop was it?

  3. Three things I liked about this movie: The old-school Aquaman-mind-power-fish-controll-sound-effect they used the one time, referencing the original cartoons. -The fight-scene with Black Manta was hilariously AMAZING! And Aquaman said: "OutRAGEOUS!!!" à la The Brave And The Bold.
    Okay- FOUR things: Green Lantern was awesome!
    It wasn't bad- but it was just SO boring! An Aquaman origin-story that tries to slap you across the face with "how cool" Aquaman really is. I know Aquaman is cool- I never thought he was lame. This is insulting!

    Live you said- Flash Point, Under The Red Hood, and Assault on Arkham are WAY better. It's okay to compare them; AND expect them to match the standards they've previously set.

    1. yeah i was also down with the Aquaman Jedi mind trick stuff on marine life. didn't pick up on any Brave and The Bold references but that's obviously because i avoid that cartoon series like an ebola ridden bloated corps. i watched it a couple times this weekend so obviously i didn't find it boring or over bearing in any way although i don't feel the need to go out and buy it at this point. like i said it wasn't bad but at the same time i don't feel like i need to own it or other wise watch it all the way from start to finish again. it's pretty much the same assessment i had with Justice League War. on the other hand Flash Point, Assault on Arkham and Under The Red Hood i'm happy to own.

  4. That was actually pretty damn decent.
    It kinds had a nice balance of an old-school cartoon feel, but then you people died, you 're like "Oh shit! They're letting WW kill and not caring! WTF!"

    Laughed at the scene towards the end where Black Manta's just talking all this shit to Arthur.

    And then a goddamn shark straight up goes all JAWS on his ass and eats him up like in those shark skits they used to have on SNL in the 70's.

    Plus they made the Ocean Master a credible threat. When's the last time anyone's ever said that about him?

    Mera shined. Proving why he chose her after all these years.

    All in all, it was like watching a more adult swim mature version of are old saturday morning cartoons.
    Throughly enjoyed this.

    New girl's good, and yes Shlomo, she's legal;)

    1. right on, sounds like you liked the movie more then then i did and certainly a lot more then K.o.T who actually described the movie as "boring".

  5. Snore Fest. I was expecting so much more. They were afraid to let Aquaman carry his own movie. Why? The comic has proved Aquaman can handle his own. I was shaking my head thru the whole movie. After every ok moment it was 2 or three unnecessary moments or corny fill in. It was a soft Justice League movie. then at the end all the still shots of Arthur and Mera in playful love mode (kekekeke) it was cute and funny and had nothing to do with the movie at all.

    I'm not going to lie, I enjoyed seeing an updated classic looking Aquaman. Mera is always eye candy and Ocean Master was decent. But overall it was so watered down slow and boring. I want to buy this movie for a dollar. I doubt I would pay five.

    1. I saw it once on youtube that was enough for me I liked it a little better then you did but it's nothing I need to own no matter what the price tag.

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