Monday, July 24, 2017

Enter The Tiger

By artist Craig Cermak
I like this, Bronze Tiger has almost a Bruce Lee kinda vibe going on here.

Gal Gadot at Justice League panel with Wonder Woman cosplay fan

Just a heads up, there's a ton of 2017 Comic-Con videos containing panels of just about every up coming sci-fi/comic book movie and TV series both on cable and NetFlix this year. It's astonishing how many big time A list celebrities are at this event in San Diego now. Back when I went in 1994 it was pretty big but nothing like it is now. A Hell of a lot easier and cheaper to get into back then as well, now it's almost like you gotta know somebody on the inside in order to get into the con.

By the way have I ever mentioned here how much I fucken hate donald trump? Big thanks to Calvin's Canadian Cave of Cool which is where I found this funny ass cartoon . . .


  1. Damn, that Bronze Tiger drawing is pretty damn tight man. Definitely see the same Bruce Lee vibe in there.

    1. being such a big Bronze Tiger fan i hope our friend Omega Agent 1 finds this posting some day.

    2. Found it and it definitely has a Bruce Lee vibe. What's still funny to me though, is if Shlomo can find Bronze Tiger fan art and I have a whole page dedicated to the character along with other Bronze Tiger fans out there, why can't DC find a serious place for the guy?

  2. No kidding. wonder where the hell he's at these days?

  3. He needs his own series. Batman needs to send him some of his latest protégés to learn his fighting skills and to redeem him for his past life. Bats make a deal with Amanda Waller to make that happen but you would only learn that fact at the end of the story.