Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Crickey! What the bloddy hell happened ta the original Captian Boomerang?

In the 2007-2008 Suicide Squad 9 issue mini series we find out that the immortal legend from down under has become the dearly departed. However, virtually no details were given at the time. I finally decided to research the mysterious circumstances leading up to the death of the original Captain Boomerang. Turns out he got himself killed in some botched assassination attempt during a series called the Identity Crisis. Although I'll be the first to admit that this is one character that was in desperate need of a make over visually, ya just couldn't beat that "Ausse" dialect that made him harder to understand then Benecio Del Torro (Mr. Fenster) from "The Usual Suspects"
But I tell ya Capt. Boomerang made for some fun reading between all that Australian slang and his all around annoying personality he was one of the things that made The Suicide Squad a fun read.
I wish we new more about his son however. He does have a cool new look and with his super speed power ( is he a mutant? ) he's no doubt a more formidable fighter then his old man ever was. But alas, we are forever deprived of that wonderful accent so I guess well just have to enjoy the further adventures of Capt. Boomerang with him talking like the rest of us Americans ( how boring!). So let's crack open a Fosters ( Australian for beer) on behalf o that bleedn dingo the original Capt. Boomerang. Rest in peace, cheers mate.
For your viewing pleasure here's a Justice League episode ( Task Force X) featuring Rick Flag, Deadshot, Plastique, Clock King and none other then the original Capt. Boomerang:


  1. Actually, Blackest Night changed all that. The son was killed and the father resurrected.

    He's back and in the pages of The Flash and Brightest Day. Sadly, he's now throwing black energy boomerangs around and is far less of a joke. His golden age will always be as the foil in Suicide Squad.

  2. unfortunately i haven't been following the whole Brightest Day & Blackest Night series. when i first starting seeing it i wasn't sure if they were a Green Lantern thing or DC's response to the whole Marvel Zombies genre. so thanks for the update! i guess you can say they literally don't make em the way they used to.

  3. Yeah, the Blackest Night and Multi-Colored Lanterns thing has taken over pretty much every DC Book on the market. Sad, really.

    However, "Digger", as he was portrayed in the Squad series, will always be one of my favorite characters of all time. I never thought that he needed "super powers", and the fact that he fought the Flash without them made him even more bad-ass. Just ask that wanna be speedster from the first "Jihad" line-up, eh? :)

    1. I LOVE Captain Boomerang's speech to Jaculi in issue # 2 . " You aren't in Ol' Flasher's league , " he replies , after pushing him off of the cliffside , " Certainly aren't in mine !! " I HATED when they made him into loser!!

  4. Digger is the greatest and I for one, am glad to have him back. I hope though, He grows a bit as a character now that he's been trough some tough experiences.
    Made me read Suicide Squad back in the day.
    I miss those books.