Friday, October 29, 2010

Deadshot - Boba Fett, Bulls Eye,The Punisher and Adam Strange all rolled into one

The ultimate Deadshot blog posting
4 main reasons why Deadshot rocks!

1. He has the stealthily coolness of Boba Fett and mostly only speaks when he has something worth while to say.
2. He has Bullseye's deadly sense of accuracy and a bit of his swagger at times ta boot.
3. He's no stranger to a Punisher street justice style of "urban restoration" which let's face it, makes the world a better place for law abiding everyday folks like us.
4. Now I'm sure the Adam Strange part has you all scratching your collective heads about now so allow me to give you all an explanification (Bush-ism). One of the things I always liked about Adam Strange is how he's always able to figure out a strategy for defeating super powered opponents by keeping his cool and always thinking on his feet. This is something I also really like about Bronze Tiger. In the case of Deadshot his ability to stay cool under pressure has more to do with him not caring whether he lives or dies. But between that, his experience and his talent for pin point accuracy with any fire arm he's one of the most formidable non-meta guys around.
You may be bullet proof, but you ain't Deadshot proof mofo!

What aspect I would change about the character? I would have him in the costume featured in this posting which is from his 2005 5 issue mini-series. His original costume always seemed too elaborate to me for being a guy who basically has an assortment of firearms and explosives he uses to shoot people and things with. That costume has more of a look like some sort of high tech armor that endows it's wearer with IronMan like powers. But that's just me, I'm sure there's plenty of people out there who have a difference of opinion about that. Opinions I hope you will be kind enough to share with this blog.


  1. Mike Zeck sure drew the hell out of those covers! The aspect I liked most about Deadshot is his unpredictability and his straight up nature. In an industry of unpredictable characters Deadshot actually is - you don't know what he's going to do next - you just know he'll get the job done.

    That and he's not one for mucking around. The JLA talk the Squad act and Deadshot proves that.

  2. I like the original costume (well, not the one with the top hat, you know which I mean) which he still wears in Secret Six. A trench coat over it and no mask so he can smoke his smokes, and that's how I picture him at all times.

    He's the best thing among a lot of very good things about the Squad.

  3. i had no idea (for whatever reason) Zeck did the cover art on that 2005 Deadshot mini-series. this is kinda pathetic on my part especially since Mike Zeck is one of my favorite 80's cover artists.
    ok Siskoid, that's one "nay" vote for what i wrote about being in favor of Deadshot's more urban looking costume :)
    thanks for the comments guys.

  4. I like Deadshot the way that Simone and Ostrander write him. There's almost no more simultaneously compelling and repellent personality in comics. Some people think only Bruce Wayne could ever the Batman, but I feel more strongly that only Floyd Lawton could ever be Deadshot.

    Aslo, while I like the classic costume, I kinda hoped that the 2005 version would stick, too. :)