Friday, December 10, 2010

Aussie vs. Russkie, got a little captain in ya?

So I checked out the Firestorm blog today and took a special interest in the Mayfairstivus Day 8 -Weasel, Mindboggler, Stalnoivolk and Zastrow posting All four of these Firestorm villains have been in the pages of the Suicide Squad with three of them actually having been Squad member short timers (Weasel, Mindboggler, Stalnoivolk). Now I had also just recently had a Suicide Squad greatest hits posting that showcased some of the best beat downs in Squad history. Looking back I should have included this moment in that line up. For all of you who know the Zastrow character I don't have to tell you what a creepy heartless son of a bitch this KGB scum is. I mean this guy pretty much fits the mold of a classic James Bond villain you can't wait to see die. Now I don't know what his current situation is but at least we have the satisfaction of having seen him get a right hook compliments of Captain Boomerang! This is definitely a classic Boomerang moment not just because of the punch but also because of what is said after wards between him and Waller. If your wondering about the Batman costume for this mission Boomerang had to impersonate Batman for a while and in doing so was captured by Zastrow's meta human Red Shadows.
Coming up next folks, we feature fan made costumes of the Suicide Squad!


  1. Yei! That WAS THE best punch ever in a SS comic!
    Hurra to Captain Boomerang! You got to love that guy. And yeah, that was one of my favorite moments too. He was so happy before Waller pierced his balloon...

    I'm glad he's back.

  2. well stay tuned Aliera cause your gonna like the fan made costume posting coming soon.

  3. Speaking of Boomerang...
    Check this out:

  4. thanks Donald for that link it was pretty funny. the last posting i did about Capt. Boomerang i also made a little fun out of his costume too. no doubt he's a schmuck but he sure is fun to read sometimes. thanks for visiting my blog i hope to see around here more often.

  5. That was funny! I still love CB and what the heck, I still love Conan O'Brien. When I was a Kid I tried to redesign that horrid costume. I wonder where thosr drawing are... Anyway. They weren't very good, just another latex costume with some boomerangs in some places. I like the new costume, though.

  6. if you can find those drawings and send me scans of them i'll be happy to post em just so you know.