Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Suicide Squad's greatest hits.

I've compiled some clip art of what I think have been the greatest hits in the fight scenes of the Suicide Squad. By greatest hits, I mean those cases where the art was drawn so cool as to really really effectively convey the impact to the reader of someone taking a hit. Almost making you feel it in the same way like when you see a guy get kicked in the balls. And as an avid soccer player I've scene that a lot. Unfortunately on a few occasions I was that guy who received the kick and not just watched it happen some other chump. Anyways, I'd like you to weigh in here on which hit you think is the best.

1) Bronze Tiger give this scum bag guard a real jaw breaker during Rick Flag's prison break. This schmuck ain't wakin up any time soon I imagine.

2) Duchess puts down a small impromptu coup during a mission by making examples of Vertigo and Boomerang.

3) Here's one of those rare occasions where Duchess finds herself on the receiving end of a beating for a change, compliments of Major Victory during the Janus Directive.

4) Nemesis bravely tries to thwart a break in to Belle Reeve by the Female Furies but finds that a fully automatic rifle is no match for the metallic lashes of Lashina. I just always loved the way he makes that pin wheel spin after getting whipped both figuratively and literally.

5) Rick Flag lays a good one here on the leader of the Jihad, Rustam. This is from a fight scene in which Rick goes on a one way solo mission to destroy the Jihad HQ. Oh how cool it would be if this were me busting osama bin laden or mel gibson's jaw instead however.

Let me digress for just a moment here, I just wanted to say how the above panel of colonel Flag and Rustam has always reminded me of the classic fight between Vindicator and Wolverine drawn by John Byrne in the pages of Alpha Flight. This proves once again one of the things that makes "Wolvie" so cool is that he can take a hit like a champ. But this panel doesn't count so don't vote on it despite how cool it is. For some reason my jaw starting hurting after I finished writing this posting.


  1. I think I'd have to go with number five, Dave. Not only is it Rick Flag, who I think might me my favorite, but I love WHO he's hitting. So that's my two cents, for what it's worth. (I've always loved it when Vindicator hit Wolverine, though. I think I actually clapped and cheered when I read that the first time.)

  2. Duchess gets in twice. Why am I not surprised?

    I'd have included her whacking Manticore with his own tail too.

  3. your two cents goes a long way on this blog randomnerd :)

    Duchess ripping Manticore's tail off and bitch slapping him into submission was great in concept for sure. but the actual art lacked the degree of "visual impact" i would liked to have seen for that fight.

  4. Actually, it's an image that stays with you. I was very impressed with that one. Just not sure if Manticore was still alive when he got wacked.
    I also loved those Alpha Flight stories, back in the day, but Wolverine is and will always be like a relative to me. You see, like a favorite uncle. So I never liked him getting a beat.... He's always getting beat.

  5. What punch is the best thrown in Suicide Squad - that sounds like a challenge to read back through all my long boxes!

    Of these ones here my money always goes to Bronze Tiger. Sorry that's as detailed as it gets. He's the coolest fighter in the DCU and if he doesn't pop a dude in style the wrong creative team is on the book.

  6. bravo Dan, well put!

    Aliera, i'm still trying to wrap my brain around this Portuguese wife/mother/nurse who knows so much details about the Suicide Squad. blows me away :)