Sunday, December 12, 2010

Suicide Squad fan made costumes!

So one day I inadvertently stumbled across a photo of this guy in a Captain Boomerang costume and that made me wonder how many other Suicide Squad characters I could find costumes on the internet. I was only able to locate this Deadshot costume as far as members who were there from the beginning to the "end". But as you can see here I was also able to find costume photos of the others like Vixen and Poison Ivy who have done a "tour of duty" with the Squad.
Now I know what you all are thinking about one of the photos. Yes that is indeed the beautiful Pam Grier. As you all know she already plays Amanda Waller on Smallville. And she does a good job if you can envision the character being more attractive and having some sex appeal. Ok, lots of sex appeal because this is Pam Grier ( Foxy Brown) we're talking about after all. But when I saw this photo of her I thought this is really cool because it reminds me of Waller during those times in the Suicide Squad where she actually found her self in the field. That's another thing that makes her so cool is that she can handle herself on the political stage as well as being able to fire a gun or throw a punch when she has to. Probably her best moment was when the team found themselves on Apocalypse and Waller went toe to toe with Granny Goodness. Not to mention her attempt to blow Lashina a.k.a Duchess into smithereens with what was described as a "mega-gun". This photo collage is a pretty large file so you should be able to magnify it for a better look. Wouldn't that have been smokin hot if I could have found a really nice looking athletically built woman in a well made Lashina costume during my photo search. Yes Aliera, this blog is authored by a male neanderthal just like most of the viewers.


  1. Always appreciate a little Ivy first thing in the morning. Thanks much Dave. Got to admit I've never seen a Captain Boomerang costume from a convention before.

  2. Craig, when it comes to beautiful women there's just no time of the day where you can go wrong my friend. as to the Boomerang costume just remember you saw it here first. by the way where's Aliera? she loves Capt. Boomerang i bet she's never seen a real life costume of him either.

  3. yeah, even when they're poisonous to the touch, nothing goes with the morning bowl of oatmeal quite like it. We think too much alike sometimes.

  4. I can be a little Neanderthal too. Not to worry.
    And I like your coments.They make me laugh.

    By the way, I haven't been looking at the blog because Santa Claus is giving me too much trouble.
    Have you ever seen those movies where a child asks only for that toy that is sold out everywhere? Well that happened here in Portugal.
    My six year old learned to write his favorite Beyblades names, so he could write a letter to Santa Claus. I looked everywhere with no luck for more than a week and finally got them on a Toys 'r us promotion where I had to wait on a line at 9 AM, 40 minutes with all the other desperate parents, just to buy two.
    I'm Supermom! And they will never know. Santa gets the credit.

    Now, ending the domestic issues... A guy dressed in a Cap Boomie costume? That one must like him even more than me!
    I love it!
    He even kind of looks like Georgie! I clapped when I saw it.

    All the other costumes are great too. I'm very impressed with Ivy! Where can I buy one of those?

    To me Amanda Waller should be some one who looked like the character from the comics, and Pam Grier isn't it.

    Chandra Wilson. Now her whould be perfect. She looks like Amanda, and prooven (hope is writen right(prooved?))she can act a very tough woman. I really like her.
    I think I wrote too much... sorry :p

  5. i guess i'll have to google Chandra Wilson. you never write too much my dear, your comments are always appreciated. yeah it seems like people have been pretty busy in the past week or so it seems to me that blog activity in general has been down a bit.

  6. Did you googled her?
    Doesn't she look like Amanda Waller?

  7. yes i did and in the sense that she is a heavy set black woman she does kinda look like Waller. but she looks a little too young for the role, plus she seems so happy.

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