Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Casting call for the Suicide Squad cinematic release finalized

Left click on the photos to see them enlarged. So this is pretty much it. C.C. H Pounder as Amanda Waller, nuff said. Ditto for Roger Cross as Bronze Tiger and Paul Bettany as Count Virtigo. All of which I have posted about before. Among the new additions to my casting call are Kate Beckinsale as Night Shade. That's a no brainer after her role as the pale faced sexy leather clad vamp in Underworld. But come to think of it she would make one hot ass Killer Frost to. Thomas Jane as having played the Punisher would be a pretty good fit as Deadshot.
Now there seems to be some contention over Howie Long as Rick Flag. I'm just picking him cause he looks the part so damn well and fuck it we can always include some acting 101 classes for Howie to the production of the film. Interesting thing here is that pretty much all the other actors I was thinking about for Deadshot (Aaron Eckhart, Ray Stevenson,Thomas Jane and yes Adam Baldwin too) could also have worked as a Rick Flag too.
Onward to Captain Boomerang, I want Vinnie Jones to play him. Jones has been in a lot of stuff but you may remember him best as the Juggernaut from X-Men. I don't know if there is anybody out there who actually looks like the comic book character per se, but Jones never the less just has a look that to me fits the Boomerang personality. Plus he's English, so doing an Australian accent won't be all that much of a stretch and he's always playing some sort of hot head in the movies. Plus, I'd pay full price for that movie just to hear Vinnie Jones say at some point, "don't you know who I am? I'm Captain Boomerang bitch!". If that line is lost on you then you need to go youtube for a quick refresher course: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i8Z5iL3358Q&feature=related

On a side note here folks, The Green Lantern movie will feature the first Squad member (The Wall) on the big screen. I'm looking forward to what I hope will be a lively discussion right here on the world's first Suicide Squad Task Force X blog site!


  1. Me first!
    I LOVE Juggernaut. He's one of my Marvel favorite characters.
    I really liked Vinnie in Mean Machine, but he doesn't look like boomerang at all.
    That said, I'd vote for Simon Baker, who I love as an actor, does look the part and is an Australian, so he wouldn't have to fake an accent. He's done many and very versatile roles over the years, in some he's been a very bad ass, like in that mini with Ray Liotta, "Smith".
    If I could choose, he'd be my one and only Digger.
    C.C. H Pounder,Paul Bettany, would fit their parts like a glove. I really like Paul Bettany in every part he's done.
    About Kate Beckinsale, I think she'd fit perfectly, but I'd like to start seeing her in other kind of movies again, like in Pearl Harbor time.
    The other ones, I don't know them, so there will be someone better to comment.

  2. nice call Aliera.

    And Dave, Kate Beckinsale could play the lead in "Mother Theresa: Musical on Ice" and I'd watch the damn thing.

  3. I agree completely with Kate Beckinsale, Craig. Put her in anything. I'll watch it. She's kind of hypnotic that way. Put her spandex or leather and it's double or triple that. Can we perform a genetic mutation and combine Vinnie and Simon to make both Dave and Aliera happy? I understand what both of you are saying, and I king of agree with each of you. Simon definitely looks the part, but he's a bit too much of a nice guy. Vinnie's acting (not to mention his eyes) screams homicidal crazy dude more. Now maybe Simon can pull this off and he just hasn't been given the chance, I don't know. I think gene splicing might be the solution there.

  4. He's not just a nice guy! See "Smith" to check what I'm saying. He can act the homicidal jerk perfectly. I saw it.
    Vinnie for the Flag role! I'd like to see him in that one. He'd be nice on my eyes.

  5. Nice choices Dave - you sure have a thing for Captain Boomerang don't ya? I'm not sure Vinnie is who I would cast there though, he's a bit to imposing and strong for who I picture Digger to be.

    If you want to look for pulp ozzie actors look though the cast of Underbelly / Underbelly: A Tale of Two Cities / Underbelly: The Golden Mile. They are three series of a drama based on the real life gang wars in Australia, and the cast are all brilliant in their roles. Daniel Roberts I think is more who Captain Boomerang is to me.

    Other choices are pretty sweet though - especially Count Vertigo - Paul Bettany is brilliant.

  6. if you're in need of any extras for the film, let me know. I've been told I'm a dead ringer for Danny Devito as the Penguin. Maybe an inch or two taller. With better teeth.

  7. Kate Beckinsale can so bite me. . . . preferably after she's tide me down first.

  8. This is a pretty nice crew. C.C. Pounder was always my first choice for Waller until I saw Green Latern. Roger Cross? Can this guy fight? I mean kun fu theater fight? Paul Bettany is perfect and Kate Beckinsale....lord. Yes Kate Beckinsale as NightShade.