Friday, February 11, 2011

Found Manhunter #34 guest starring the Suicide Squad. But I'm kinda under whelmed however.

I wandered into a comic shop in Oakland today after I got off work and look what I found. I published a posting about this issue on this blog not too long ago wanting to know more about it since all I had about it was snippets of clip art I found on the internet. Basically in a nut shell, Manhunter and the Squad incidentally cross paths in a story line that includes some rogue corporation "growing" super villains and killing women in Mexico.
Well, you know how it goes, one thing leads to another and before you know it there's a misunderstanding and a scrap breaks out. Except really it's only Manhunter and Multiplex that get into it with the rest of the Squad basically acting as spectators. Manhunter is eventually subdued by Count Vertigo but makes good her escape after dishing out some pretty cold hearted trash talk to Owen (Capt. Boomerang II) who kinda almost seems to be leading The Squad for some reason. Later after Huntress and Lady Blackhawk show up it's explained that the Squad is on some kind of deep cover assignment there on the Mexican border. Over all the story didn't really grab me but the Manhunter character was pretty cool. She's just like the women who follow this blog, tough, independent and full of sarcastic humor as you can see here. Plus, she can take a hit like a champ. Despite the cover, Plastique is virtually non-existent and Bronze Tiger's presence is hardly noticeable. The Squad is overall somewhat underused here and as far as I can tell this doesn't tie into any other Suicide Squad story line any where else so it's not what I would call a must have for SS fans. But it's still worth picking up if you happen to see it, especially if you can find it in a dollar bin or something.


  1. Yeah. I liked Manhunter, maybe they'll use her more in the future.
    In these last years the SS has been ill used like this.
    They show up, make manga fierce poses and don't say or do much of anything.
    Owen and sometimes Deadshot were the ones that stood out more, which I didn't mind, and they were probably trying to do something out of the character, but those stories never lead to anything, but instant entertainment.
    I wanted and still want to know, how come did Boom Jr. came to exist, and whatever happened, in this era or in the future, that separated Digger from Meloni Thawne, stranding their child in a different time than his mother and in a foster family. I just know Digger apologized for abandoning him, and Owen said he had a good foster mother to raise him up.
    I'm still waiting.
    Manhunter now sometimes stars in second stories, on other character's comics.
    In my opinion, that robs pages from the other character and doesn't give enough pages to the second story to be worth much.
    Well, better days, might come.

  2. well Aliera, you might be just the person to ask about this other thing then but feel free anybody out there to jump in here. i just realized that the Squad was missing Owen in that Secret Six graphic novel which contained stories lines that took place last year and as far as i know are the most recent published appearance of the SS. Manhunter #34 came out in late 2008 which begs the question of what happened to Owen between those story lines. i can only speculate that his father "coming back" in the whole Brightest Day Blackest Night story arc has something to do with that?

  3. Actually it was not mentioned anywhere.
    I think those stories were prior to Owen's death.
    Maybe he was taking a day off.
    He was invited by Waller to be in the squad at his last appearance at the Outsiders comic. He wasn't coerced so he might be free to skip some missions.
    Did you read that Outsiders/Checkmate crossover?
    That one was very cool.

  4. Owen is dead!? yes i know about that Outsiders/Checkmate crossover. in fact there is a graphic novel of it i was looking at the same day i bought the Secret Six one. well that;s good to know that's the issue where Waller recruited Owen. i can always do a Google search but tell me how did Owen died?

  5. Owen died in the pages of Blackest Night: Flash #3. With his father one of the Blackest Night reanimated Zombies, Owen wanted to return his father to life, so he trapped his zombie father in a pit and began feeding him criminals and rouge wannabes in the hopes that if his father ate enough hearts he'd return to the land of the living.

    When Captain Cold and the Rouges arrived on the scene, Cold asked if Owen had fed his father any women or children. When it was obvious he had, Cold restated Rouges don't kill women or children and pushed Owen himself into the pit.

    His undead father then rammed a boomerang through is stunned son's chest, making him the latest in the legion of the unliving.