Wednesday, February 16, 2011

The real cupid has Boomerangs, not arrows ya bleedn dingos

A received just yesterday from the world's number one Captain Boomerang fan a photo of a new figure set to hit the shelves in the near future. So I wanted to see how the action figure of the resurrected Aussie looks when compared to a recent comic book rendering. As you can see it's pretty much a dead ringer mates. A special thanks from my regular European commentator who rumor has it may have something else very cool to share with us soon. And by the looks of things the love might be a two way street here. There must have been something left over in the air from Valentine's Day I think.
In light of the last Boomerang posting which was so very tragic I thought I'd share this panel of happier times between father and son.


  1. Yes it is!
    I love them both and this post.
    And yeah, I also though the action figure was based on that expression. Tim Drake was giving him a word trashing for the killing of his father, and he stood there listening, notsaying a word.
    Digger has a lot to attone and like the Reverse Flash told him, the bad things he did will return to collect.

  2. oh cool. i was so hoping you would find this posting before i'd have to go to bed. i knew you'd like it and i hope it will act as inspiration for your art project.

  3. I still wish that Identity Crisis never happened to ol' Digger. Shame to have such baggage attached to him, in my opinion. I do kinda dig the new threads, tho.