Monday, March 21, 2011

Amanda Waller by returning Portuguese artist Aliera

So a couple weeks ago Aliera sent me a pencil sketch of Amanda Waller that she did on a whim. It took one quick look to see that the rough draft she had done was going in the right direction. But unfortunately being a mom, wife and nurse doesn't leave her with a whole lot of free time to continue working on stuff like this. And then there's me, as impatient as ever. Therefore I decided to bring it into photoshop and experiment a little bit. I layed down some subtle colors tones and also added some shading here and there to give it a little depth and viola. One of the things I like about how Aliera drew Amanda Waller is that she gave "The Wall" a more feminine look while still showing that Waller is a woman not to be trifled with. This is in keeping with what I was talking about a couple of postings ago and how I would like to see DC portray Amanda Waller from now on. Left click on images to magnify.


  1. Great job David!
    I was look to see new postings and almost fell from the chair!
    Wasn't expecting to see this one here!
    She look's much better with your touch! You could be my inker!
    Today it's my 7th year wedding anniversary. I'll take this as my gift from you.
    Thank you

  2. Happy anniversary and great work. You two make a great team.

  3. nothing like a blog site about the Suicide Squad to brighten people's day. spreading the love one one posting at a time.

    feliz anniversario menia amgia

  4. Great job guys - she really has that 'don't try and talk over me' face going on. Nice job!

  5. Happy Anniversary! And wonderful artwork Aliera. She scares me.

  6. Than you all! You're very kind!
    Random & Dan, what would Waller be if not scary?
    And David I tought Suicide Squad was a happy institution ;P

  7. I'm sure they have birthday cakes on all the appropriate days Aliera.

  8. Office b-day parties? Now that would be funny.

    "Happy B-day Boomerang"
    "toss off"
    "you want ice cream with your cake?"
    "f*&king toss off"

  9. Yeah.
    I'm visualizing everybody on pointy hats and whistles and little flags. And Deadshot...
    No... Deadshot no.
    Imagination better not go that far.