Friday, March 25, 2011

The Suicide Squad on Smallville and making the case for Pam Grier as The Wall in Green Lantern

So today I was cruising around on youtube when for some reason I started watching Smallville clips. Well I came across one that feature the Suicide Squad to my surprise. We'll sort of surprised. Ya see I've heard past episodes with Checkmate make references to Task Force X but nothing ever seemed to come of it. But as far as this Suicide Squad appearance goes what we seem to be getting mostly is references made to the Squad. But in the clip that I found we do see Rick Flag (Ted Whittall) along with some meta-human agent working under him that was a tele-porter. After doing a bit of research I discovered that Deadshot showed up at some point as well in the series: I actually remember Plastique from an episode but I also remember it being kinda lame. Now if any of you out there are saying hey I told him about this already or something to that effect I'm sorry. It's just that I've been outta the Smallville loop so long things having to do with it just kinda go over my head. It wasn't a bad show at first but after the first 3 or 4 seasons the writing just floundered forever. I tried to get back into it when Checkmate was written into the series. But it used to piss me off something fierce how you would have to sit through an otherwise boring episode to just get maybe 10 minutes of Checkmate (and Pam Grier) only to find out next week's episode was another uninteresting episode with a possible snippet of Checkmate.
Ya know I tried to get through this posting with out careening off the road into my Pam Grier is so hot routine, but like a White Snake song "Here I go again". One of my latest hobbies has been to find different ways to portray Grier from old photos of her as Hero for Hire's Misty Knight. I know so many of you out there will disagree with me but I think she would make a good Amanda Waller for the Green Lantern movie. Now that she's older and carrying a little more weight then from her Foxy Brown days or even from when she was on The "L" Word (a nice show about lipstick lesbians : ) I think she looks the part better. Especially when you consider the new vision I have for the character I've been talking about lately. And of course she's got the right attitude which I hope you all will agree with me on at least. Rather we're talking about her Foxy Brown, The "L" Word or Smallville days Pam Grier will always be one cup of hot chocolate I'll gladly have no matter what the weather is like. At any rate, have a look at Pam in this Green Lantern production photo (my latest digital "trickeration"). You have to admit she's not at all out of place as The Wall. Ok she's not C.C.H Pounder but she's a pretty good stand in for her. Need more convincing? Try this on for size:


  1. Okay, so the video of Deadshot's bullet was cool, but I hate his outfit. It just sucks. Flag is pretty cool. But that was a lot of soap opera drama to wade through to get to the action. I agree, Dave, that is why I don't generally watch the show. And yes, again. Pam Grier is a good match for Amanda Waller. Definitely better than Angela Basset.

  2. i would have been ok with the Deadshot look if he ditched the cowboy hat, that's a little too much. the guy who plays Flag from what i could see in the clip was alright as far as a CW network show goes.
    that would be cool if somebody out there put together an extended montage of the Checkmate and Suicide Squad related scenes. kinda like how somebody put together a youtube clip of all the Darth Maul scenes from the Phantom Menace.that would be kinda cool to watch but i don't regret leaving the show none the less.
    i remember so many characters and story lines that seemed to never go any where. when Kara (Supergirl) came on the show i kept waiting episode after episode for something to happen. what exactly, i can't tell you but i was just waiting for something. same with the Zod character and that story line but it just always seemed like the writers kept having them in episodes with out really knowing what to do with them. that's just how it always came off to me.
    now that actress who was Kara is in V. another show that seems to be teetering on the edge obscurity with it's writing. i'm still more or less watching it for now but just barely.

  3. I have to agree, Pam Grier does look nice as Amanda. Seeing is believing...
    She really had a Misty feel back then huh?
    I would never in a million years think that guy was deadshot. Who did the characterization?
    He/she should read a little bit more comics.
    I'd love seing a SS episode with the classic characters.
    I think they're having some dificulty with the more flamboiant costumes, though.

  4. Do you know who whould be a great Deadshot?
    It just hit me: Russel Crowe.
    I think he would be perfect at it.
    He's done more than one gunfighter role before, and he masters that "I don't care if I live or die " look.
    He would be my choice for Deadshot outside of Smallville.

  5. yeah Russel Crowe could work as Deadshot. he's got the right type of bad boy persona for it. have you ever seen L.A. Confidential? a great 1950s L.A. cop movie with him in it in.
    maybe i should start a petition for Pam or C.C. to take on the Waller role? no disrespect to Angela cause she is great too when cast for the right roles (as Tina Turner) but i'm just not seeing her as The Wall so far.
    or on second thought maybe i'll just start a new blog site called

  6. Make sure you say you're not a stalker :D
    I've seen most of Russel Crowe's movies. Tonight on TV it will show another one with him and Christian Bale.

  7. I'm so glad I never really got into this show. I watched for 1 season, then something else I liked better went up against it in the same time slot. I cut this one loose because it was okay, but not a great show.

  8. It's the WB. It doesn't require decent plot. Just your obligatory shower/wet body scene.