Friday, March 4, 2011

General Eiling, "Your one ugly mutha @#$%&$!"

Doesn't the mutated Eiling here kinda remind you of the Predator minus the dreads? If you've watched enough episodes of Justice League Unlimited you will no doubt have come across the anti-meta human general who seems to think superheroes are more dangerous then al-qaeda and nazi germany. In JLU he breaks into Cadmus and steals some highly classified version of a nazi super soldier serum and goes after the Justice League. It was a really good episode check it out if you haven't seen it: And just like in the comic he had a serious hard on for Superman especially.
So I'm sure most of you know that Waller coerced Eiling into being a part of Task Force X after his mind was transferred into the body of The Shaggy Man who happened to be one powerful son of a bitch with a healing factor even more rapid than Wolverine's. Questionable judgment on her part even though everything worked out in the end. In the JLU he was mostly a misguided patriot who got corrupted by power. You know that old expression,"the path to Hell is paved with good intentions". But in the comic version Eiling was a much more sinister kind of character with a near pathological hatred of Waller. Not too mention it turns out he had done some serious brain washing on Flag some years back which he attempted to make use of as part of his grand plan to kill Waller and wipe out Task Force X. Of course as we all know that didn't quite work out and he got the back of his head blown off for his trouble even though it didn't kill him.
Eventually Eiling would go back to work for Waller and even mix it up with the JLA as he did even before he was with Task Force X. Ruthless yet intelligent and an excellent tactician as befitting a high ranking military man. "The General" is someone to be reckoned with from everyone from Superman to Amanda Waller. J.K. Simmons plays the voice of General Eiling in the JLU cartoon. He's been in a ton of movies and TV spots over the last 7 years but you probably know him best as J. Jonah Jamison in the Spiderman films. A role we all hope he will continue.


  1. Love The General - him taking over the Shaggy Man's body was a Killer move in JLA. I just hate how it took the whole League to stop him then in other issues of other books he goes out easy...

  2. I was just writing a reminiscence of '80s Captain Atom, so you know I dig Wade Eiling. I was kind of bummed when they made him a super-villain, since he danced back and forth across the line between good and evil quite effectively. Still, the General means Captain Atom finally has another foe besides Major Force who doesn't suck if he ever gets another solo run.

  3. i never collected Capt. Atom but i know Major Force from the pages of the Suicide Squad & Checkmate Vol. 1 at the tail end of the 80's (the Janus Directive). he's total arrogant psycho sadistic scum and i love it that Duchess a.k.a Lashina beat his ass good. i'm also quite aware of the refrigerator incident. he is a good villain but like Maxwell Lord i'd like to see him die even if they find some way to bring him back. what's going on with him these days?

  4. Wasn't Major Force killed once by Guy Gardner only to be back again? I don't know how he came back.
    Eiling was a good character prior to being turned into a monster. Still there is material for some interesting stories, now that he has this body, on his POV an not just as canon fodder.
    We need SS monthly comic again. There are too many good characters being wasted.

  5. I really enjoyed the issue where Eiling jumped into the Shaggy Man.

    You'd think with all the magic and tech in the DCU, someone could put him "back" where he came from, but maybe the nature of his transference was more permanent than I recall.

    Did he actually put his brain into that body? If so, I guess that would be a little more difficult to explain away :)

    And to Dan: Yeah, the fluctuating power levels to serve the plot (or to reflect the writer's opinion of the character) is one of those quirks that it can be fun to make note of as the years go by. (Hey, look! The Spectre went down like a bitch! Again!)