Sunday, March 27, 2011

Superman & Batman Public Enemies: finally a non sucking animated film from a comic book franchise

Over the years I've watched my fair share of animated films from both DC and Marvel and they pretty much all have one thing in common, they suck! Sometimes they start off good but pretty much with out exception by the time your half way through or maybe a bit further you pretty much stop caring what's going on. I mean there's probably been an exception or two that don't come to mind at the moment but you know I'm basically right.
The premise is that Luther buys his way into the White House pretty much like how it goes in real life. He has a program to bring super heroes and criminals alike into the employment of the federal government so in that way it reminds me of both the Task Force X premise as well as the Marvel Civil War series. Superman and Batman don't trust Luther and aren't down with his party line so now their fugitives. By the way, it just kinda popped out at me, did Power Girl do something different with her hair? It features almost every hero and villain from the DC Universe which is awesome. Several members of the Suicide Squad are in it but with the exception of Waller they only really make cameo appearances.
The animation is tight, many of the JLU cartoon voice actors are present and there's no shortage of memorable dialogue including Lex calling Waller a "bitch". The story flows pretty well and in general it just works in ways so many other animated DC and Marvel films didn't. Check out the Youtube clips bellow and decide for yourself and come back here and let us know what you think.


  1. This was good one. Me and the kiddies really enjoyed it. And the older guys actually sat down and watched it with us, so that says something about it, too.

  2. This was a good one. If I remember correctly, Lex made out with the Wall at one point too, didn't he?

  3. He did?
    Lex /Amanda?
    Now I trully have to watch this.

  4. I loved the comic arc this series was based on and I'm glad they stuck with Ed McGuiness's art style for the look of it too. While I haven't hired the DVD yet I hope they still have the big showdown between Supes and Bats and Hawkman and Shazam. That was awesome squared!

  5. Dan, that "big showdown" your talking about is one of the links in the posting. also did you notice who that was right next to Deadshot in the clip art for this posting?
    as too the Amanda Waller and Lex make out session it's the second link from the bottom. it opens up with Waller walking down a hall. although you may find it's not entirely what you might be expecting.
    and yes Barb and Craig this indeed is a "good one". that is a given after all since i'm recommending it of course.

  6. Oh yeah!
    I'll never question that!
    There was another poster here yesterday.
    I tough he/she might stay but it seems he/she erased the post.
    You know, in portuguese I would just say he even if was a she, and nobody would take offense on the gender mix.

  7. Oh...
    And what might Dan be expecting?

  8. Catman - of the secret six!

  9. That does go without saying, as it has earned the "Official Dave says it's Not a Shitty Movie" seal of approval.

    Makes me wish CN had kept going with Justice League Unlimited though. That show was better than most of the DC animated movies they've released in the last few years (this one was as good)

  10. and let me tell ya folks there's no higher authority then the "Official Dave says it's Not a Shitty Movie".
    and by the way folks that mystery poster yesterday was me. i was using my boss's computer while he was away from his desk and the comment posted under his screen name.

  11. Okay. Live dangerously.
    I do this from work, but right now, I'm the only one using this computer.

  12. Ooooh. Secret Agent Man...that's a sneaky way to check up on us.

  13. so Aliera did you get to see the Amanda/Lex make out scene?
    Barb, can i infer that you've seen the movie before?

  14. Poor sweet dear Mandy... LOL
    She was a tiny little bit less than impressed.
    But hey, Lex tall!

  15. Dave, I think this warrants a tee shirt, coffee mug, shotglass, something with the "Official Dave says it's not Shitty" seal of approval. The back of the coffee cup/teeshirt can have your blog logos on it. See, I'm just full of ideas. Jenn says I'm definitely full of something.