Saturday, June 23, 2012

Impel trading cards series: Task Force X part 4 of 4

Compared to Dr. Light Captain Boomerang practically looks like James Bond. With his pathological fear of being defeated at the hands of adolescents Dr. Light was probably the biggest douche bag that's ever been with Task Force X. His inferiority complex made him go from being a whimpering coward one minute to a resentment filled vindictive sadist as we saw during the Janus Directive when he killed Sparkler from The Force of July (one of my favorite Squad kill scenes). All this being said however he definitely brought something to this book as a character. As most of us know Dr. Light would later die on Apokolips fighting with the rest of the kidnapped Squad against Darksied's army in a futile attempt to assert his man hood. In what was one of the oddest Suicide Squad issues ever Dr. Light managed to come back to the land of the living and attempted to rejoin The Squad but Waller would have none of it.

Suicide Squad #27
In the post Suicide Squad series era of the old DCU  Dr. Light would become quite a controversial character. First with it being revealed that he was a sexual predator in addition to being a super villain. Soon after wards the decision to have Zatanna mind wipe him would cause fractures in the JLA over the ethical implications of such a procedure. I certainly didn't have a problem with it, as far as I'm concerned Light was lucky not to have faced the possibility of castration.


  1. Yeah, I mean it did make Dr. Light more of a bad-ass, villain, villain. But now he'll also be forever known as that "weird-looking rapist guy", and "Hey didn't the Spectre turn him into a living candle after or before he had sex with those hookers that he made dress up as Teen Titans?"

    I don't know, it's kind of a mixed bag, but also kinda' redeems how much of a punk he was in SS and other titles at the time. He really was pathetic wasn't he?

    1. Young Justice was a goddamn re-run again this week that blows! i don't fault Light for the whole hooker Teen Titan dress up thing i mean haven't you seen some of those smoken hot cosplay chicks out there :)
      also, here's what i left at Dan's blog about the Judge Dredd trailer.
      "yeah well it's a given this will be better then the first Dredd film. based on the trailer i like the look of the movie in terms of the costumes as well as the sets. and is that the chick from the Sarah Connor Chronicles TV show? but as of yet it's really up in the air if this movie has a screen play (script) that will do Judge Dredd justice. i love 28 Days later so that's promising for this movie. Karl Urban is a good actor and i really want to see him in a good movie for a change because to be honest virtually everything else i've seen him in has sucked with the exception of Pathfinder which wasn't too bad. he was a great McCoy but i didn't otherwise like the last Star Trek movie outside of the casting. i never bothered finishing "Ghost Ship" i just saw the beginning and "Doom was" just an utterly pointless film on soooo many levels much like a sci-fi channel original. "the Chronicles of Riddick" was a disappointment too. i never saw "Priest" but it looked shitty in the previews. i'm crossing my fingers for both Urban and Dredd."

    2. Priest was so hack. Weak movie Riddick was better.

    3. Priest must have been even worse then i thought. it's too bad about the Chronicles of Riddick cause Vin Diesel had a lot of potential as that character. but i think that Pitch Black sequel pretty much killed the franchise. i hope things go better for Urban and Dredd latter this year. by the way check your email i found a new BT tribute video you might like.

    4. I saw the video, it was cool. And Priest was garbage. Dr.Light could really be something, Dr. palaris too.
      Check your email

    5. Vin Diesel had ALL the potential LOL, Riddick wasn't that bad. Did I heard somewhere about another sequel?
      Now "The Pacifier"? What was that?

    6. i couldn't even finish the Pacifier. like with Urban it would be nice to see Vin Diesel as the leading man in a good movie for a change. i have something special coming for you very soon :)