Friday, June 29, 2012

Captain Boomerang & Captain Cold: From The Suicide Squad to The Rogues

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It seems lately some really cool DC Universe action figures have been turning up on the internet in these nicely staged settings. This one here of Captain Boomerang, Captain Cold and The Flash in this urban setting is the latest one I've come across. Ofcourse I need not get into the extensive history of Boomerang's time with The Squad but in case some of you didn't know Captain Cold was with The Squad too for issues 16 - 18. Initially he was recruited to help apprehend some criminals from another dimension but soon after was coerced by Rick Flag to join the rest of  The Suicide Squad in taking down the Jihad when they attacked Manhattan. Eventually both Boomerang and Cold would find themselves in the criminal collective known as The Rogues. Also on a side note, before The Rogues were formed Mirror Master also worked for The Suicide Squad secretly at the behest of Amanda Waller as The White Queen of Checkmate (see Checkmate 6 & 7 Vol. 2).

As you can see ol Digger was quite happy with The Rogues. More so then he was with the Suicide Squad, but then again one of  the differences between The Squad and The Rogues is that most members of The Squad aren't there because they want to be. Come to think of it the same thing could be said about Deadshot with The Secret Six. Interesting when you think about it that by the time the old DCU came to an end two of the Suicide Squad's original members were with other teams.

 Although that's not be entirely true, Boomerang was never able to get back in with The Rogues after his Brightest Day resurrection. Things got complicated with them and Boomerang even found him self at odds with Captain Cold. He was last seen as a solo criminal again in the final issue of  Red Robin (#26) late last year right before the DC reboot. By the way,  I think that's cool how the Captain Boomerang action figure packaging card biography mentions both the Suicide Squad and The Rogues.


  1. That is a cool pic Shlomo, with Captain Cold and Digger there looking like they're about to seriously fuck up Flash's world. Where did you find these exactly? I guess I can take my lazy ass on google mission, but I'm sure you could point me in the right direction.

    I guess Johns sure swerved the fans who thought Digger was going to automatically rejoin the Rogues after his resurrection. Maybe he thought it was a good idea at the time, but then the reboot came about, and the whole thing ended up moot. I wish the current Flash creative team would just hurry up and bring them back, instead of this whole waiting-for-trade/slow-burn bullshit. Just use the Rogues already!

    And that's one of many reasons why I hate the reboot with a fucking passion!

    Nice post as usual.

    1. here's where that clip art came from:

      i pride my blogs on largely featuring both clip art and fan art that hasn't been floating around all over the internet for years that everybody has seen a million times already.
      my first blog was for Rom spaceknight and i started it for that very reason because everywhere i was looking online it was the same old redundant fan art, clip art and origin synopsis about how he started as a Parker Brothers toy and yada yada yada. my latest posting today over there is a good example of why my blog is a cut about the rest on any given topic.

  2. This is a good post and the DCU Rogues pic is a seriously good one. The Flash has a pretty good rogues gallery, matter of fact one of the best.

    Fun fact, almost everyone of Flash's villains has been a member of the Suicide Squad, or beat up by them. And the Bronze Tiger is from Central City, I wonder did we miss a team up somewhere?

    1. for some reason i was thinking BT was from Detroit. but that might be because in the Checkmate issues i mentioned in the postings Waller went to find Rick who was recovering after his rescue at BT's dojo in Detroit.

      wait until Aliera sees this posting she's gonna love it she's a big Boomerang and Rogues fan.

    2. We wrote at the same time ^_^

  3. I love my rogues :)
    What's not to like?
    That only (?) Leonard Snart appearance in SS was memorable to me. It was the first time I saw him but that "hell is cold" sentence while fighting was pretty cool. The rogues gained by their passage through SS, becoming more acknowledged as dangerous criminals, than in their long history with the Flash.
    They were a group, but not the way the justice league, secret six or the Suicide Squad are a group. They didn't stick together for long periods, and when they did, they would fight and argue a lot. They were more a dysfunctional family to whom they could turn to when in need, and move on when everything was okay.
    That made them interesting, life-like, unpredictable and very lovable even being crooks.
    I cared a lot for them, and another thing this reboot could do for me, would be bring the first Trickster back to life. Deadshot should receive a restriction order to be kept away from him.
    About Boomerang, there was so much promise on pre reboot.
    The only thing that was touched was Red Robin’s reaction to his coming back. Now I don’t know if it was still Digger the one that killed Tim Drake’s father.
    There was never an explanation on Meloni Tawne and Owen’s birth. Or how/why they returned to XX century, or who was the older one, Bart or Owen. I don’t like being promised something and then just be told to forget it :(
    One day, I have to have that Action Figure :)

  4. i suppose DC never really made any promises to us but i think i speak for most of us when i say we all feel a little betrayed by the relaunch.

    1. In some things,it was good.
      Many established characters were rejuvenated without a white light being bringing them from the dead. You see, now Batman looks just a little older than Nightwing AND Red Robin LOL.
      But mostly I don't see a reason for this..
      Even for new readers, they just had to pick an issue and go from there as I did when I was younger.
      We'll see where this gets.

  5. People, DC(dildo comics) and Marvel to an extent is built on promises that were never kept:(

    No, I don't think we ever found out who Dr.Impossible was either, but what a great gimmick and name huh?

    I fear for the Rogues when they all come back. I mean look at Captain Cold; sure he got a nice new costume(it's alright I guess) but then actual cold powers? WTF!? and now they're gone , but who else is going to be fucked with?

    And yes the Trickster does need to come back. All of them do really, even The Top. Hey don't laugh, before the reboot, Johns built the Top up to major bad-ass level. I miss that Geoff Johns...So much promise.......Oh well.