Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Suicide Squad #10 review: Ok, I'm loosing my patience with this shit now

REVIEW: Basically, The Squad responds to a hostage situation in Seattle that Basilisk had going on. Only later in the issue we discover the hostages were just a rouse for some unknown reason. The only thing of any real interest going on in this issue to me is that we find out that Waller knew King Shark was going to eat Yo-Yo (#5) but let it happen anyways in order to test a theory she had about Yo-Yo possibly being indestructible.
On a general note about Waller,. in the old DCU she was tough and had to be a bitch once in a while as a matter of practicality. This rebooted Waller just seems to be a bitch for the sake of being condescending most of the time and it's starting to get on my nerves. There's something to be said for an Amanda Waller who understands subtly and using a little "carrot n' stick" strategy when dealing with hard cases like the members of the Squad.

Here we go with some straight talk about how I'm feeling about this title right now. When they rebooted the Justice League it's not like they substituted a bunch of the mainstay leaguers with the characters like the Wonder Twins or Plastic Man. So really I don't know why Adam Glass had to go and fuck with the Suicide Squad so drastically!? Now don't get me wrong because there are characters on The Squad I really do like ( Harley, Black Spider, Diablo etc.) and want to see continue on the team. But I'm at a point now where I really want to see some familiar faces from the Ostrander series too. Chief among them is Captain Boomerang and Bronze Tiger but Rick Flag, Count Vertigo and Nightshade would also make for welcomed additions.
Truth be told although I really did like this book at first but there's been some shit that's been bugging me for a while. First they introduce Boomerang and then take him out of the picture again right away and we haven't seen him again since. Then they have Vertigo on the cover of Resurrection Man #9 but otherwise no where to be found. Checkmate, which is part of Task Force X has only had a mere mention in what's been 10 issues now. The new guy Iceberg has the lamest look since Boomerang's original costume in the old DCU. A black guy with a white fur coat and a white mohawk along with some Bono like yellow spectacles gimme a break! Also, are we ever gonna see Bronze Tiger in the new DCU much less in this book!? Plus I think it's getting to the point where the writing on this book is relying too heavily on Harley's constant mental instability. And yeah I still fucken hate the name Basilisk.

We've talked to death now on this blog the merits for the rebooted Squad to look more like the Ostrander series or less so. I don't need this series to be a slavish carbon copy of the old DCU Squad but to put it succinctly I do indeed want it to look something closer to it then it does now. I'm not gonna try to rationalize or other wise justify my feelings on that any more then I would about why I like checking out hot women in high heels and mini skirts. That's just what I like and that's what I want to see. Same with this book. I'll keep picking it up for now but that will change if Adam Glass doesn't take things in a different direction soon.


  1. I broke my cardinal rule Jay, and I have read your review before I read this comic book.

    You said in the past that you are feeling disheartened with this series, and I wanted to make sure you didn't piss off too soon.

    Have patience buddy. I am sure that by #0 that DC have big plans with this title. And although I thought that Boomerang turning up then sodding off was a stupid thing to do, I am sure that this has been put in place for a reason.

    Also, Ben has been mentioned in the Batman Incorporated title, so its possible that some of the 'Ostrander Squad' may return soon.

    Not sure how soon though.

    All the best

    1. I hope you are right on Boomerang's sake, because that really cooled me off the book. That plus a loooong Harley arch.
      I haven't read yet either ^_^
      That means I haven't been as interested. I was always sure to read before coming here.

  2. I honestly did not think the issue was that bad to be honest and as far as getting to the original members of Suicide Squad, I don't count on them appearing this soon in the series right in the middle of an arc concentrating on finding the traitor and further fleshing out the new characters. Besides its not like the issue was solely concentrating on Harley, Black Spider has been getting attention considering we see a bit about his past and his past encounters with an organization he dealt with before he was arrested. I know you want to see the original members but you have to keep in mind that this is the suicide squad for the new generation of readers and not all of the members will make an appearance. Let's be grateful that the one of the star members, Captain Boomerang showed up this soon and has a chance of reappearing.

  3. Welcome back! Anyway, about #10... just read it. It wasn't that bad. I am with you about seen more cameos of the original squad. But i believe that they can't add original members without abusing the "suicide" part of the book, meaning... i think this new members are there just to die off eventually... we are basically getting to know them and even like some of them... so that eventually when the traitor is reveal all hell breaks lose and some of them en up dead... maybe THEN we'll see a "new" squad with more camebacks... who knows...

  4. you people are so optimistic, it's bringing me down. but thanks for the comments anyways i enjoyed reading them. i may feel differently later about adam glass but right now as Capt. Boomerang would say that bleedn dingo can go get stuffed.

  5. Man the wanted poster had me cracking up. And honestly your right, we hardcore Suicide Squad fans want the book to feel or look a little more like what it use to.

    Even more I think it's the original characters we want and it's not really Adam's writing that were frustrated with and that's on DC comics.

    If this wasn't going to be our squad, at least put the characters somewhere in the universe we can read them.

    1. yeah i've made that case before that glass is a good writer from a story telling stand point but just isn't taking the book in a direction i want it to go as far as the Squad membership goes. but who makes up the Squad is pretty much the heart of this book for us hard core fans so he's fucking up in a major way. i'm pretty sure the next issue will be more the same so i'll be browsing through it on the shelf for a while before i may (or may not) drop any money on it.

  6. I hear ya Shlomo. And Omega made a good, point we'd rather see "our" Suicide Squad than the crap they're peddling off now.

    I will expand on that by saying one of the major reasons SS was so popular was the strength of Ostrander's writing. He made you care about characters that were poorly used and written off by most as losers and not key villains. He changed all that by adopting of sorts and making them better than when he found them. That's the mark of a true writer.

    I do agree to an extent with the some if the earlier comments, that since Glass us in the middle of an arc, it will take some time to possibly get to re-introducing some of the old guard, and I also know he has to make his own mark on the series/franchise, but I also agree with you that he's dragging the book down to shit. If not for Harley, I'm not sure this book will last, and am honestly surprised it hasn't been cancelled already. He must either be impressing his bosses, or sucking Didio and Johns' dick up there, or maybe both;)

    I do fear though, given the current style and progress of writing, that even if characters like Bronze Tiger, Count Vertigo, and the like were to show up, they'd either be jobbed out to the newbies, or just completely mishandled altogether.

    I mean, if Waller's acting like how you say she is, then yeah, I'd really be worried if our guys finally do show up:(

    I think it's to your credit that you haven't already dropped the book. You're a trooper, and should be commended for that.

    Otherwise, it's the NuDCU, things aren't supposed to be good anymore, unless a top guy like Morrison has anything to do with it.

    Well that's true, Jeff Lemire and Scott Synder are doing great work, but you get my drift.

    1. I'm not at all against the concept of the new universe.
      Beginning anew was very much needed on many story archs and characters, and it isn't a change in looks or origins that bothers me.
      But it is 10 issues! And no squad! (like I feel the squad is)
      Justice League, for better or worse is the justice league. JLI is the JLI. Teen Titans, with all the change is Teen Titans still, and we're getting to find old characters in Ravagers and many other titles.
      Yes, you can write to new readders, but is inteligent to keep hardcore fans interested because those have been buying and hopefully will be buying those books for awille yet.
      I just want the Suicide Squad I always loved, and it isn't the one from the late 90's That's where I'm putting my money at. I'm not loving these characters... except for diablo and maybe YoYo. And I have to agree With Dave about Waller. I was one actually apreciating an elegant Amanda Waller if she was going to be kept in character. I would be afraid of the old Waller. This one makes me want to bitch slapper. I'm not in awe of her at all. The thought is laughable :)
      So yes, I subscribe on wanting the original characters back. Which I thought at the begining, we were having.

    2. i don't have the time right this second but in a couple of hours i will write a very thorough response to both Dale and Aliera' excellent comments.

  7. ok so i'm back now. Dale and Aliera, both your comments pretty much say the same thing i did in my posting.

    to Dale, despite the some of the things that were annoying me i genuinely liked this book up until issue #9. but Vertigo on the RM #9 cover along with no indication of a return of Boomerang despite basilisk being back pretty much was the straw that broke the camels back for me. it's like getting a cock tease twice now if you're an old school SS fan. i'll be browsing through the next issue first before i decide to buy it or not.

    to Aliera, what you said about the JLA was right on just like in my posting. i to would have been ok with the line up at first with them bringing back at least 2 or 3 of the originals within the first 7 or 8 issues. if adam glass is determined to take this book down the road it's going on right now i certainly hope it fails in the next round of DCU relaunch cancellations.

    on a general note i want to let you all know i have a series of postings lined up for through out all next week that will let us all relive a little bit of the magic from the Ostrander series. also, remember adam glass is on facebook so there's no reason why you can't let him know what's on your mind there.

  8. I was pretty glad when SS made the 52 title list, but it was obvious from the first issue it wasn't going to row my way in terms of direction so I bailed. It made me think as a company what do you do with a franchise that had such a definitive run. Do you keep the record on loop or try your hand at something new, and this seems to be the problem a lot more at DC than it does at Marvel. New Teen Titans springs to mind, as does the Justice League and Spectre (another Ostrander classic)!

    Personally I would've hunted down Chuck Dixon or Greg Rucka for this series if possible. Chuck knows weapons like no one else and after years of great Bat stories, the ins and outs of the DCU as well.

    Still back to what I was saying I think you have to match direction as the other half of the see saw to the characters used. If you want to tell a different kind of story use characters people know and get them right, if you want to tell the same kind of story use new characters so it still feels fresh. This series from what I've read around the net, hasn't done either. Maybe Suicide Squad is on it's own Suicide Run?

  9. Oh yeah mate - loved the poster!!! Cracked me up. That needs more exposure!

    1. yeah i lifted that house ad art work from your blog i figured you wouldn't mind. i'm now officially pissed at both Marvel & DC for having fucked up the legacy of my two favorite franchises. basically, i have no reason now to buy new comics. thanks for the comment on the ROM blog by the way.
      yeah Greg Rucka would have been a good alternative to Glass. it's too bad because i really did like this series at first but i had hopes/expectations for it to go in a certain direction after the first handful of issues.
      it's hard to say if it will find a regular audience with the direction Glass is going in. but i can't imagine the bulk of whatever audience it does get will be that of old school SS fans.
      i'm afraid i'm just a bit too spiteful of a person to wish Glass good luck with this because to be honest i wouldn't mind seeing this book get the axe on the next round of DC reboot cancellations.

  10. I hear you guys... maybe it's just that after the reboot i felt so disconnected with DC that i just try to get the few things thrown at us as something positive. It's true... SS is not what it used to be... SS vol 1. it's a classic, SS vol 3. it's a great series too... this one... is definitely NOT close to those... but at least it's no SS vol. 2... o_O

    Either way, I think Glass wants to make his mark... he has some big shoes to fill. I just hope he realices the importance on some characters in the series. I just have to keep my hopes up... or else i am pretty much done with DC comics for now... something tells me i can't give up now... hope i am not wrong.

    1. Glass is certainly making his mark alright. indeed Vol. 2 was atrocious i assume you read that posting of mine too? hope springs eternal as they say. but in the mean time i've got some cool shit comin right up that's got nothing to do with the reboot.

  11. Hey, FYI I bought the Mrs. Lego Batman 2 for her birthday. She was playing along last night and found her first villain to unlock: Captain Boomerang. Even a friggin' Lego game has him.

    1. that's cool, both Dale and Aliera also mentioned that Boomerang Lego figure in the last couple of days.

    2. Ahhhhh! Craig! Lucky Mrs. Derosby!
      I have to get that game!
      Is it fun?