Saturday, July 21, 2012

John Ostrander interview from Wizard Magazine 192 (2008) part 1of 3

Most of you may no doubt recognize this as the same Wizard issue Dale Teabagwell from Mr. Morbids House of Fun posted recently: I'm just posting the article here again in a format that will make it much easier to read.
I'll post each of all three parts every couple of days. I highly recommend reading all three posts that article has everything from the research that was done for Boomerang's Aussie slang to the inspiration for transforming the post "Killing Joke" Barbara Gordon into the enduring character we all know today as Oracle.

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continued in next posting


  1. This is part of a discussion over at my spot. Reading this article confirms how I feel about the Suicide Squad and why it will forever be my favorite team book.

    "This is the reason the title keeps coming back and keeps getting cancelled. It's a book of social, political and racial conscious that tells a story using fictitional superheroes that people relate to. It's a hard ass balance to maintain without being preachy or to biased and still entertain"

    1. well put my friend. and just think, this is only the first page of the article. it's gets even better with the next two. as Ahwnold would say, "stick around".

  2. Did I mention that I fully endorse this message? Well now you know, and knowing's kinda', sorta' half the battle:)

    I think the other's deciding when to quit drinking: last call or 5am? Thoughts? Feelings? Embarrassing moments?

  3. Oh and congrats for spelling my last name right Shlomo; that puts you in the top 1%. How does that make you feel?