Sunday, July 1, 2012

Amanda Waller's Team 7, a somewhat positive posting for a change about the DC 52

So here's something about the DC 52 I find somewhat intriguing. A bit later this year as far as I can tell a series of zero issues are coming out. Among them is gonna be one for the Suicide Squad and another related title called Team 7. Now the interesting thing about Team 7 is that it was about some sort of black ops team that among others included Amanda Waller, Steve Trevor and Slade Wilson. At some point some really bad shit went down with the team and that some how ties into the origins of  The Suicide Squad. It's too early to say if I might pick these up but I have to admit I'm a bit intrigued with the basic premise here. Not to mention the cover art rocks! In fact I just wanted to say that of all the shitty things about the new Suicide Squad title I've been lambasting the art work is not among them. That's been the one thing about the series I've been consistently happy with. But it takes more then good art work to make a comic book series enjoyable much like how it takes more then elaborate special effects to make a good movie. Take Starshit Troopers for example. Great special effects and fight scenes but a completely stupid premise and unbelievably cliche characters. Speaking of the space troopers theme is it just me or does Team 7 have a bit of an Alien Legion look to em?

I thought I might share with you all my messages to Adam Glass on Facebook in the last month or so. In case it's not obvious here he never replied. In all fairness I can't really blame him for not replying if I were Adam Glass I wouldn't wanna talk to me either : )

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  1. Funny you should mention Team 7, because I was just talking to Goo yesterday about them. I was huge Team 7 fan back in the day, due to both the characters and the writing. The various minis were all a joy to read, as you got to know the surviving members more and more. I'd dare to say they were similar in tone to SS, without being straight-up knock-offs. Chuck Dixon proved he knew how to write about military/black-op soldiers, and it showed. He actually made you care about these guys, thus why there was such a loyal fan-following there for awhile. And as an added bonus, the since the characters were mostly all-new(except Lynch, Grifter, Deathblow, and Backlash), there was no continuity to draw from, which made the whole thing even more awesome.

    I suspect after we see the deal the with this team, if popular enough, they'll get a mini out of this. Perhaps even a new Team 7, since it seems Steve Trevor's planning on putting together his own JL. And then there's the 7 Soldiers of Victory rumor so.......

    As for the FB comment to Adam Glass, that's actually pretty tame compared to what I thought you might have said to him. You did in a very respectful and non-confrontational manner, so fuck him for not at least acknowledging that.

    Although if he were to ever drop by the comments section, I'm sure he'd really be convinced not to say anything after seeing the skewering we give him here.

  2. We didn't say anything so bad.
    That I read at least.
    It was only honest opinions that might be quite constructive, if one readding might find them as a hand pointing in another direction. A business needs happy clients, so hearing the clients voices and wants is a sensible choice to make in order to keep a sucessfull business.

    I never read Team7 (I think) but i'm curious about it. It might consolidate many things in this new universe and it seems they are trying to make the new DC universe more coesive/coerent.

    1. Your right Aliera on every statement. Team Seven looks like the first incarnation of the secret six. And It might be cool to see what happened before Suicide Squad and how Waller became who she is now.

  3. i've never even heard of Team 7 until i came across the art work i featured in this posting. by the way my next posting is gonna be a real knee slapper.
    by the way where is OA1? he's been MIA on even his own blog these past couple of days.

  4. Been on a mission. Back on base for now. Even though I hate the new Thundercats. Old School Panthro is my favorite, nice job man.

    1. ditto on the new TC outside of the art production that show really blows. that profile picture isn't really Panthro it's actually me. more specifically it's the image of my face over Panthro's face with a bunch of blending and color tweaking in photoshop to look like i have the pointed ears and purpulish/blue skin.

  5. Shlomo -- Not sure whose Facebook you've been sending those Adam Glass' messages too but they are not mine. I've answered far worse. Ostrander himself told me to make the book mine, so I did that. Some of it I really like and some of it I want to get better. But all in all I'd say hang in there and see where it all goes before you make a final decision on this series. Thanks for your time and though you wouldn't believe it we're actually all on the same side. We love the idea of this book even if we don't agree on its execution.

    Adam Glass

  6. I'm looking forward to Team 7 - always thought Waller and Black Canary would make a great duo. If not in Birds of Prey then at least it's here.

    And nice Adam Glass! Awesome to see creators getting into the fansites of their characters.