Monday, July 23, 2012

John Ostrander interview from Wizard Magazine 192 (2008) part 3of 3

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Please be sure to read the Kim Yale dedicated portion of the article. Yale was John Ostrander's late wife and she co-wrote the original series with her husband.


  1. I disagree with Karl Kesel, I think the SS could be done the exact same way as it was then with up to date issues.

    Oracle, I miss you so bad. Do you guys think it should be a Task Force X comic book as well as a suicide Squad comic?

    1. i'm glad you mentioned Oracle OA1 cause i got a posting you and every other Oracle fan will love going up first thing tomorrow.

  2. I miss Boomerang!
    He was so well writen on that era!
    I'm feeling like a broken record.