Saturday, May 21, 2011

Benjamin Netanyahu & Amanda Waller, the common thread

I don't know how many of you out there saw the press release that Israel's prime minister and Barack Obama gave yesterday. Or for that matter are familiar enough with the Israeli Arab conflict to understand the context of what was said. But if you did see it with a certain degree of understanding then you know that Netanyahu is basically a male version of Amanda Waller. Politically savvy, extremely intelligent, very direct and even shrewd when he needs to be. Qualities we don't see in our own president as consistently as many Americans would like to. This was extremely obvious when contrasting the portion of Obama's out look on the the realities on the ground in comparison to Netanyahu's. Although never the director of the Task Force X, Netanyahu is a former Israeli defense force commando who along with the Navy Seals are the most bad ass soldiers in the world. Rather with an uzi or a microphone, this man knows how to fight for his country's right to exist and defend it's self with out letting political correctness get in the way of reality.

for the full press release:
for Netanyahu's portion only:


  1. Ha! Brilliant. To be honest I haven't read her all that often, except when she's being tough on Batman and then he outmaneuvers her. But he does that to everyone.

    As for Bibi, glad he didn't give in to that shameless, obvious attempt at forcing him to comply, as always, by giving a speech days before his arrival.

    Also, I wish he could just call up Sabra. She would seriously end all middle east conflict in a a few days, max.

  2. thanks for the comment! this link will take you to some clip art of Waller that shows exactly what i'm talking about. if you just substitute hamas for Kobra and Mr. President for Alan you basically have what would be a real life conversation between Amanda Waller and Barack Obama:

  3. @ Captain...Yeah, I thought it was a little weird that the President called the press conference just before Netanyahu's appearance set for Monday. And Dave, I completely agree with the comparison. They're both tough, and they'll both fight tooth and nail whether they're backed to the wall or not for what's right. They protect people, and they do it not for their own political gain, which is probably what makes each of them so darned attractive, and so darned explosive.

  4. Okay, so I know I just posted, but then I followed the link to read the Waller/Alan conversation...and I just have to say, I hate that response.."Not at the cost of becoming them." It's not becoming them. Becoming them would be wiping them out simply because we hate their religion and who they are when they are born. We don't. We just don't like being blown up.

  5. i was probably being a bit hard on Obama seeing as he did give the green light on bin laden's long over due execution. but ridding the world of terrorist scum like that doesn't make us scum in return. only idiots like noam chomsky or code pink would try to make a case for how we're just as bad. there's this plain of existence known commonly as reality that they obviously don't live on.

  6. Terrorists are counting on their victims to not react to their behavior. Have we made mistakes from time to time? Sure. But I think the people who scream the most about how we're "stooping to their level" or that the US is the big bully on the block would change their tune if they were ever directly affected by a terrorist act. It's that "I'm going to run my mouth against you....until it happens to me then I want your sympathy" act that kills me.