Thursday, May 5, 2011

Suicide Squad fan art in all it's awe inspiring forms

I found this gem to the left by Geof Isherwood on Comic This is absolute bad ass! It's so obvious what makes this such a great illustration I won't even go into my usual art speile. But at least make sure you magnify it to see the details.

Ya know when you think about it the concept of fan art doesn't always have to be about a drawing, painting or even some sort of digital illustration. Your body in a manner of speaking can be the "canvas" for your expression of fondness for the characters who have served with the Suicide Squad over the years. This awesome Deadshot costume and especially this Poison Ivy make up job just below are good examples of that. But I'd still like to see someone out there make the trench coat version of Deadshot's costume some day.

Ironically enough this week's Task Force X Retirement Files 044-047 includes Poison Ivy along with Oracle (Barbara Gordon), The Thinker (Cliff Carmichael) and The Outlaw John Henry:


  1. I don't think I ever seen a better portrait of Vixen. She is beautiful in here.
    Even Nightshade loks great, even though I hated that costume.
    This is amazing art.
    Indeed there is people that take roleplaying to another level.
    Those two above are flawless.

  2. Hi Aliera! well as you know i have nothing against short skirts but that version of Nightshade's costume never made much sense to me either. that drawing is just so amazing in every way i love it too which is why i posted it of course. and i also agree with you about Vixen in this drawing she's almost as pretty as you Aliera :)
    just something i'd like to bring to everybody's attention is that i added two new blog sites in the right hand column blog role. one is about Poison Ivy (Deadly Garden) and the other is about Amanda Waller so of course it's called "Fuck yeah Amanda Waller".

  3. That has to be one of the best drawings of Vixen I've seen in fan art. Really well done. I love the facial expressions, which I have to give kudos for, because so many artists pay more attention to muscles. And personally, I think the Wall would have leaked the photos. Or had someone leak them. Regardless of what the administration decided. She'd realize the value of it.

  4. Love that pencil work. I'm with Random but I'm thinking it's some of the best fan art I've seen PERIOD in quite a few years. I'd love to see it in color.

    And Dave, thanks for the Poison Ivy pic / video. As you may know, she's one of my favorite female comic characters.

  5. oh thank you folks it's good to see some cool comments again from all of you. i think one can argue if releasing the photos has any value in it from a national security stand point. however, the more important value of releasing those photos would to satisfy my sense of morbid curiosity :) after all, i've been thinking of bin laden looking that way for nearly 10 years now.
    and Craig, no i did not know what a big Poison Ivy fan you are. but i would expect no less from my wing man.

  6. Help here! I'd like to register on tumblr but I don't have an URL.
    Do I have to have a Site, to post coments?

  7. That Vixen is brilliant - so is the Bronze Tiger and I hardly find him in any fan art at all! Nice find - and thanks again for the plug Mr!

  8. Gorgeous art! I'll have to run that myself sometime, as Bronze Tiger art is pretty hard to come by!

  9. yeah your right about that Frank. i'm surprised there isn't more Bronze Tiger fan art floating around on the internet. but if you do a Google search for Bronze Tiger fan art and hit the image tab some stuff does come up.