Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Fall of The Wall: Operation Salvation Run & Project Omac

I'm guessing most of you out there probably know more about Operation Salvation Run then you do about the Checkmate (Vol. 2) three issue (18-20) story line known as the Fall of The Wall. But if you don't know about Salvation Run it was basically an unauthorized covert operation run by Amanda Waller and Rick Flag with the purpose of abducting meta human criminals and sending them to a prison planet. The clip art above is of a batch of criminals at Belle Reve being herded at gun point into a boom tube. This prison planet is basically the Gitmo of the DC Universe and just about as controversial which has caused Waller and Flag to bump heads with the JLA (#18) as well as certain elements in Checkmate. Not only that but Salvation Run was also what put Deadshot at odds with Waller and ultimately lead him to shooting her to even the score later on in the pages of Secret Six. If you want more detailed information about Salvation Run this is a nice little condensed synopsis: http://deadlygarden.blogspot.com/2009/08/salvation-run.html
Personally I think it's a great idea and why I want Amanda Waller for president in 2012. But unfortunately despite holding the title of White Queen in Checkmate Waller had many political enemies (Mr.Terrific - White King, Taleb Khalid - Black King, Sasha Bordeaux - Black Queen) within the organization that were ready to throw anything at her they thought might stick. Aside from Salvation Run it was also discovered that Waller secretly carried Omac nano technology in her blood stream which technically made her a meta and that violated the "rule of two" policy at Checkmate. Basically it's a policy that puts a quota of meta-human agents within Checkmates dual command structure. So with all that she was forced to resign (along with her knight - Count Virtigo & bishop - King Faraday) as the White Queen of Checkmate. But that's ok. The Wall is never 100% out of "the game" in the world of politics and clandestine ops. She was still director of Task Force X and now had her former knight and bishop working for her there as seen in the 2008 Suicide Squad From the Ashes mini-series. But There's been no shortage of Amanda Waller in the DC Universe since then. She's been in numerous DC titles, the Justice League Unlimited (project Cadmus), Superman Batman: Public Enemies, Smallville and later this summer Amanda Waller makes her big screen debut in Green Lantern. But regardless of where ever she appears running whatever government agency she'll always be my queen.

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  1. she's everybody's queen rather they know it or not. and that's what makes Amanda Waller the queen.

  2. I know! We buy and island and set up The Wall as our supreme ruler, and set about taking over the rest of the world...but here's the brilliant part...they'll never know!

  3. I always wonder why when a Boom Tube goes off no one ever says pardon. It's like the worlds most obvious unsung fart joke. Whats with the folks of today?