Monday, May 9, 2011

DC's 52: Week Thirty -Three Task Force X vs. The Black Marvel Famliy. How to say the "F" word with out saying it in comic books.

What a great day I've had as far as comic book back issues goes. When I woke up today I set my mind this week to finding severl back issues I felt like I needed. From DC they were 52 Week Thirty -Three and Checkmate #5 (Vol. 2). And from Marvel they were New Warriors (Vol. 1) #28, 73, 74 and 75. I can't friggin believe it I found Checkmate #5 on my lunch break and all the rest at another comic book shop on my way home from work. I love the dialogue in these panels that are to the left and on the bottom they really crack me up! Look how they keep using all those punctuation characters in place of the "F" bomb. Apparently all the fighting you see going on has to do with The Squad being sent to help Atom Smasher apprehend Black Adam and his family since they've become a problem to pretty much the whole world. It's really a shame what happened here to The Pursuader I was just starting to like this guy. It would have been nice to seem him in some further missions on The Squad especially if they were ever to take place in San Francisco but as you can see here he had to split.

Now that's what I call a splash page!


  1. Dave, I work in a machine shop so swearing's just another part of our day. Nancy, our Admin. Assistant in the sales department is the queen of the office and has taught us phrases that would make a sailor proud. Being a parent of kids who occasionally pick up a comic, I'm not as much for this as I used to be, but there's something about these panels that makes me say F*&K YEAH. It fits perfectly and really sets the tone for the rest of the story.

  2. i know exactly what the $#%@ your talkin about Craig. by the way have you ever seen "The Machinist" with Christian Bale?

  3. When you read $#%&, doesn't your mind translate it imediately?
    Plus I read F@&# in some comics (forgot which). Yeah, with an apropriate F.

  4. You know, until I was a certain age I thought that was actually how you spelled that word. I wish I still thought that. It looks so much better. Unless you're actually talking about...well. *ahem* Good score Dave. Bravo.

  5. well ladies it's the same thing like in movies shown on television where they mute out the "F" word but it's so obvious what their saying even if your not especially good at reading lips. but because technically the word was not spoken it's all good. what i find annoying is when they try to drop in a substitute word like "fudge" or "forget" that doesn't quite sinc with the actor's lips. that looks so ridiculous like those old kung fu movies with English dubbing.
    one of the things i always did like about the new Battlestar Gallactica show was how they came up with their own version of the "F" word. go "frack" yourself, what the "frack" is going on here? and oh "frack" it.. it was one of the better aspects of a show i was otherwise not that crazy about.
    and remember Farscape? they had "frell".

  6. I love that "frack" has worked its way into other shows, sci-fi and otherwise, and I liked it way better than "frell". It got the point across and actually sounds dirtier.

    No, I haven't seen the Machinist, but I've wanted to for awhile. I did watch Monsters a few nights ago though. Still not sure what to think of that one.

  7. In the U.S. they mute out the "F" word in T.V.?
    That is extremely funny!
    Although, in here, movies or series in other languages, are presented with Portuguese subtitles and they do another funny thing. Whenever someone is saying any kind of swear word, they translate as some inocuous word, not so diferent from whoops!