Saturday, December 8, 2012

Ok, here's the deal with Young Justice right now

So after yet another weekend of no Young Justice I decided to do some investigating to what the @#$% is going on. Apparently it's just a matter of the season (#3) being over. No solid information on if and when there's going to be a season 4 although I'm assuming there will be one eventually at some point next year. What a bummer, and I gotta tell the new Arrow series is by no means giving me any sort of YJ hold over fix for the time being. I've seen a couple episodes now and the show's not doing much for me to be honest. I don't think it's bad, so I understand if it holds some appeal to others but while watching it so far I can feel my attention drifting during the episodes which is not a good sign.
For those of you who might want to get up to speed with season 3 here's a complete list of the episodes. I can tell you that at least some of the full episodes of the tale end of the season such as Before the Dawn, Satisfaction (Roy Harper bad ass!) and Darkest can still be easily found on Youtube.

Just adding this as an after thought. This lady who goes by the handle of White Lemon on Deviant Art really goes all out for the love of cosplay. It looks like some of the final images utilize photoshop work to enhance her costuming but it all comes together pretty nicely as a finished product. I would really like to see her do Nightshade and Plastique I think her technique would be great for those Squad ladies as well. I was at comic shop last night and I was browsing at Suicide Squad #14 and I had to admit the dialogue with the Joker at Deadshot's "funeral" was pretty funny. Especially with the whole post mortem circumcision schtick. Another good reason why I want to be cremated I don't want sharp objects next to my junk for any reason dead or alive.

Left click to enlarge
She does a bunch of other cosplay you outta have a look at so here's a link to her Deviant Art gallery: As if this can't get any better she happens to be from Spain. Time to brush up on your Espanol fellas! I just totally dig when I learn about people from foreign countries who embrace the comic book and sci-fi stuff from America as passionately as White Lemon does here. And speaking of which why can't I ever find a woman like this here?


  1. See, I actually dig Arrow, aside from some of the tween-dramaesque dialog. But to me it's still a solid show, but as you said, it's not for everyone, and no, it doesn't even come close to providing that YJ fix, so I hear ya' on that one.

    To be honest Idk who's at fault, be it DC/Warners, or CN, but I'll say both. We were supposed to get the rest of the episodes next month, but you might have a point on that not happening when they aid it would.

    Wait and see I guess:(

    1. the powers that be always make you play that waiting game rather it's a place you're waiting to hear back from about a job or for new YJ episodes. same for DC with all the characters missing from their relaunch. but fuck DC either way i don't buy new comics these days.

  2. Hi! I'm so sorry of YJ episodes and i'm one of that people that can't stand Arrow show... It's one of the characters of my life and I can't understand so many details of the show...

    Well, I'm whitelemon.I was thinking about doing Nightshade cosplay but i couldn't decide which design choose for it... Which of them do you recommend me?
    Nice to meet you!

    1. nice to meet you too. it would be nicer to meet you in person but sometimes you take what life gives you. but at any rate i'm pleased to have you visit over here.
      i would be happy with which ever of her 3 or 4 designs she has had over the years. the easiest one to do would be the one she had through out the later half of the Ostrander Suicide Squad series. you can see what i'm talking about in my June 17th Impel trading cards posting. the other would be harder to do it's the last costume she had in the old DCU you can see it in my July 29th Nightshade cosplay posting.

  3. Very hot pics, especially the very creative idea of actually having the Joker's face to hold. very smart idea there.

    @Whitelemon, Hola :) Whitelemon amor, me encanta la idea muy astuta tienes que usar esa cara Joker. lo que usaste para hacerlo? Se ve muy profesionalmente diseñado.

    El Barbara Gordon / Oracle mirada era también muy bien hecho, y parece que le conviene, así que de nuevo muy bien hecho allí.

    Nightshade hmm? Como dijo Shlomo, tiene un puesto o dos en su blog que podrían apuntar en la dirección correcta, o puede utilizar Google. El traje que llevaba, mientras que en el pelotón del suicidio es buena o, puede utilizar el que ella llevaba en el Superman / Batman: Poder Absoluto arco de la serie. es una máscara corta con básicamente una falda corta, corta botón encima de la camisa de manga corta y botas y guantes. Y su todo de negro, por lo que debería ayudar.

    Que tengas un buen one :)

    Ha ha, I bet Shlomo's all like "Whaaaaaaat?"
    Hey, I took Spanish in high school and college, so that's how;)

    1. hola White Lemon donde esta? come back and talk to us my bro Dale here as you can see is a really cunning linguist.

    2. Aw!! I'm So sorry! I was very busy with some projects and i only was connected in facebook :/ If you have any questions just add me at it: Florencia Sofen Muir.

      Mask was made with latex and a lot of make up. I used some face prosthesis to give it form and just spending a los of time giving it details...

      I'll study more about Nightshade but maybe i could do it for March... I hope having time! Thank you so much for the ideas! adn thanks a lot for spanish speach too! ;D

  4. Dale you took this post and ran away with it (thats just not fair}. Shlomo, if nothing else you know how to make friends. You got Oracle to chime in. I'm impressed.

    Young Justice is all the saturday morning I had left and those basterds snatched em. didn't even reslot em (can you say 38). Anyway for the best animated show in years my glass still goes up. So I'm waiting on the 3rd season on DVD.

    1. yeah how about that Dale. from Young Justice to oral sex. i'd say YJ finds right now have anger issues that would give Roy Harper a run for his money.